Dear leaders:
  Thank you for your concern about the use of the valuable time of my cover  letter!
  My name is YJBYS, XX, and this years 22-year-old, height一米八zero, X years  in XXXX on XXX graduated from the University, his loyalty to honest and  reliable; will be day-to-day operation of computers, has won numerous awards in  the student and to participate actively in hospital the activities of school  organizations, have a good life style and high sense of discipline in mind, the  awareness of higher consciousness, to the implementation of good order, a strong  sense of teamwork, hard work style, not afraid of hardship, and the courage  first to. the work of a sense of responsibility strong, and ready to help others  on the tasks assigned by the superiors motivated and good at learning on their  own hard work, a certain degree of grass-roots management experience.
  I have learned is the professional management of industrial and commercial  enterprises, but I do not rigidly adhere to professional constraints, of all  walks of life are full of confidence and love. Of course, in the spare time, I  like to do is to read the Exercise and Sport . I like to see some kind of  inspirational books, like her spare time for basketball, soccer and other ball  games! I think that there is no good physical work conditions can not be backed  up, there is no more flexible mind can not be!
  Optional wood and good bird habitat, allow disabled persons to friends. An  opportunity to co-operate, to me is a good start, for you are a wise choice. I  was a Chollima, as you are pursuing the ability and insight to such a re - The  horses only. sincerely hope you can give me a play to realize the value of life,  in order to effect social development opportunities. language can only be moved  by the people of time, the ability to prove I can. I believe that under your  wise leadership, in my diligence efforts, tomorrow I will become a member of  your organization best. My credo is: Opportunities favor only those people who  are fully prepared.
  I wish you every success for the cause,Waiting for your good news!