You’re in trouble [if you have to buy your own brand-name prescription 1  drugs.] [Over the past decade], prices leaped [by more than double the inflation rate]. Treatments [for chronic conditions 2   ] can [easily] top $2,000 a month – no wonder that one in four Americans can’t afford to fill their prescriptions. The solution? A hearty chorus 3 of “O Canada.” 4 [North of the border], ^where price controls reign 5^, those same brand-name drugs cost 50% to 80% .

注:1. prescription n. 处方, 指示, 命令。例:

The doctor gave me a prescription for pain-killers.

2. condition n. 疾病。这是熟词生意,可理解成disease,最常用的意思是条件。例:

I received several compliments on the condition of my skin.


Stephen's condition was diagnosed by accident, after going to the doctor with a persistent cough.

[be diagnosed by被诊断出][选自:BBC: NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | My life with coeliac disease]

3. chorus n. 合唱; 齐声; 合唱队

v. 合唱; 一齐说, 异口同声地说; 齐声朗诵; 合唱; 异口同声地说话; 齐声朗诵。例:

The proposal was greeted with a chorus of approval.

4. 这里可理解成将“The solution is a hearty chorus of O Canada.”拆成了自问自答的两句话。

5. reign n. 统治; 在位期间, 统治时期; 支配

v. 君临; 支配; 统治; 盛行, 占优势。原文中price controls是物价管制,作名词理解,所以后面的reign作动词,表明该地区施行物价管制。例:

The revolution was followed by a reign of terror, ie a time of violence.

He wants to reign in regulatory excess and restore the plain meaning of the Constitution?

[选自:FORBES: Book Review: This Is Herman Cain!]

The Canadian option is fast becoming a political wake-up call. “[If our neighbors can buy drugs [at reasonable prices],] why can’t we?” [Even to whisper] that thought provokes 1   anger. “Un-American!” And – the propagandists’ 2trump card – “wreck 3 our brilliant health-care system.” Supersize drug prices, they claim, fund the research (that sparks the next generation (of wonder drugs).) [No sky-high drug price [today],] no cure [for cancer tomorrow]. So shut up and pay up.

注:1. provoke v. 激怒, 煽动, 挑拨。例:

He was provoked by their mockery to say more than he had intended.
他受到他们嘲笑恼羞成怒, 说了一些过头的话。

Why do some Newsnight reports provoke storms of controversy and others barely cause a ripple?

[选自:BBC: A cat]

2. propagandist n. 宣传者, 传道者。例:

He never ceased from his activities as a propagandist.

3. wreck n. 失事, 破坏, 残骸

v. 使失事, 使瓦解, 拆毁; 毁灭, 营救失事船只, 船失事。例:

His life has been wrecked by the tragedy.

You know a train wreck will occur, but you can't turn your eyes away of it.


Common sense tells you that’s a false alternative. The reward (for finding, ^say^, a cancer cure) is so huge that no one’s going to hang it up. [Nevertheless], [if Canada-level pricing came to the United States,] the industry’s profit margins 1 would drop and the pace (of new-drug development) would slow. [Here] lies the American dilemma 2. Who is all this splendid 3 medicine for? Should our healthcare system continue its drive [toward the best of the best], [even though rising numbers of patients can’t afford it?] Or should we direct our wealth [toward letting everyone in on today’s level of care]? [Measured by saved lives], the latter is [almost] [certainly] the better course.

注:1. margin n. 页边的空白; 极限; 边缘 ;【经济学】margin在经济学中可以采用marginal来表示边际的意思,比如边际成本marginal cost。原文中profit margin是利润率的意思。例:

As a result, it trimmed its profit margin forecast to about 60% from 62%.

[选自:BBC: NEWS | Business | Intel sales get mobile phone lift]


She added her comments in the margin.

2. dilemma n. 困境, 进退两难; 两难推理。词组be caught in a dilemma 陷入进退两难之境。例:

Nevertheless, the government is still caught in a dilemma about how to address this downturn.

[选自:BBC: Gloomy forecast for Irish economy]

3. splendid adj. 光亮的, 了不起的。例:

The peacock spreads its splendid tail.

[To defend their profits], the drug companies have warned Canadian wholesalers 1 and pharmacies [by mail 2], and are cutting back 3supplies [to those who dare].

注:1. wholesaler n. 批发商。而wholesale则为批发的名词和动词。例:

Buying a loose diamond from a wholesaler can save you hundreds of dollars.

One leather goods wholesaler from Bournemouth, who asked not to be named, agreed.

[选自BBC: Shoppers split over VAT increase]

2. by mail,在这里是作方式状语,表明是通过邮寄的方式来卖药品的。随着淘宝等电子商务平台的兴起,网购日渐频繁地出现在生活之中,寄快递就可以用这个短语表示,也可以用send by post来表达。例:

I bought a new iPhone 6 in Tmall, and the saler send it by post last week.

You can either take the course on the Web site, download it, or, for a small fee, order it by mail.

[选自:CNN: Site-Seer: See the future in these sites]

3. cut back削减,可接经费,使用时也可加on。例:

We shall have to cut back on our spending.


Rugby teams have to cut back on their training because the ground is so hard.

[选自BBC: NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Living with Australia's drought]

[Meanwhile], the administration is playing the fear card. Officials (from the Food and Drug Administration) will argue that Canadian drugs might be fake, mishandled 1, or even a potential threat to life 2   .

注:1. mishandle v. 粗鲁地对待; 错误地处理; 虐待。例:

He mishandled the meeting badly and lost the vote.
他没有主持好会议, 结果落选。

Companies still mishandle hacking incidents, of course.

[选自:WSJ: Firms Adjust to Hacks]

2. a threat to sb./sth. 对某人某物有威胁,在新闻报道中经常用到。例:

In America, this was widely seen as a threat to the country's dominance of space.

[选自:ECONOMIST: China's space programme]

Do bad drugs fly [around the Internet]? Sure – and [the more] we look, [the more] we’ll find. But I haven’t heard of any raging 1 epidemics 2 [among the hundreds of thousands of people] (buying cross-border).

注:1. rage v. 发怒, 怒斥; 流行, 盛行; 猖獗, 激烈进行, 肆虐。例:

A flu epidemic raged through the school for weeks.

2. epidemic n. 传染病, 流行病

adj. 流行的, 传染性的。例:

Despite a spreading AIDS epidemic, many countries spend more money servicing debt than on health.

[serve one’s debt 偿还债务][选自:CNN: African leaders to meet Annan, discuss flash points]

Most users (of prescription drugs) don’t worry about costs [a lot] 1. They’re sheltered [by employee insurance], [owing just a $ 20 co-pay]. The financial blows 2   rain, [instead], on 3 the uninsured, [especially] the chronically 4   ill (who need expensive drugs [to live].) This group will [still] include middle-income seniors [on Medicare], (who’ll have to dig [deeply] into their pockets 5 [before getting much from the new drug benefit] (that starts [in 2006].))

注:1. 这里的a lot是程度状语,从about后面接的是costs而非costing可知,这里cost作名词,花费,句中指药价,所以这里特别注意不是在说不担心花太多钱,而是不太担心花钱。例:

Of course, that became a lot less practical last winter, when I moved to London.

[选自:BOINGBOING: Another chance to have Cory's books signed and shipped to your door]

2. financial blow,金融危机。blow作名词,有坏事情发生之意。例:

The demise of MF Global represents a financial blow.

[选自:WSJ: Jon Corzine and J. Christopher Flowers Friendship Tossed in MF Global Storm]

3. rain on使大量降下来。在分析成分时,将其作为动词短语充当谓语,所以the uninsured和the chronically ill均作其宾语。这里引申一个习语,rain on someone's parade,通过破坏或批评某人的计划或抱负而让其失望和受挫 (idiomatic) To disappoint or discourage someone by ruining or criticising their plans or aspirations. 例:

Democrats hope to rain on Bush's pre-convention parade.

[选自:CNN: /AllPolitics.com - On campaign trail, Bush touts his wife's Monday night convention]

4. chronically adv. 慢性地; 长期地; 习惯性地。例:

In this mountainous country with little arable land, food is chronically in short supply.

[选自:NPR: NKoreans Stock For Cold, Build To Kim Anniversary]

5. dig into one’s pocket自掏腰包。例:

And he is having to dig into his pocket at this point to make sure that some of them are able to deal with the economic impact.

[选自:WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Assesses BP Oil Spill Response]