A:Hi,Alan. I feel very nervous because I am going to have a job interviewnext Monday. Could you please give me some suggestions?
B :Sure. Firstly,it is very important for you to be punctual. Interviewersusually don t think much of a candidate who comes 5 or 10 minutes late only toexplain that he could not find the place or he was stuck in traffic.
A: Yeah,that is very important.
B: Secondly , you need to create a good image in a limited time.
A:I will try my best to make a good impression, but it is always easiersaid that done.
B: I think you should make some preparations. For example, you should take care to appear well-groomed and modestly dressed. What s more,try to avoid a too causal style.
A:Can I wear T-shirt and jeans for the job interview?
B: You d better not. Informal clothes like sports shirts,tom jeans or dirty sneakers convey the impression that you are not serious about the job, or that you may be casual about your work as you are about your clothes.
B:你最好别穿。像运动衫,磨旧的牛仔裤 或脏球鞋这类的非正式服装可能给人造 成你对这份工作不认真的印象,或者说 你对工作的态度同穿着一样随意。
A:I‘ve got It. I think I will wear a white shirt with a tie. Thank you for your suggestions.
A:我明白了。我决定穿白衬衫系领带。谢 谢你的建议。