Batman vs. Superman. Captain America vs. Iron Man. This year, this year's cinema is packed with several superhero showdowns.

Which superhero is the strongest? Study tries to answer heated debate.

Now, students at the University of Leicester have taken a more analytical approach to the whole discussion, performing a series of simple calculations to determine just how feasible the powers of our favorite heroes are. As they reported in a series of paper appearing in the Journal of Physics Special Topics and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics, the researchers have found that DC’s iconic Man of Steel, Superman, is the best-equipped superhero of all, followed closely by Marvel’s Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor, based on an evaluation of each individual’s set of special powers.

Fans of Batman may be distressed to learn that the Gotham Knight scored last, earning the title of the least well-equipped superhero. 

As the authors explained, while his cape has proven to be a tremendous asset when gliding in the movies and in comic books, in reality, Batman would reach velocities of nearly 80km/h while doing so, which would likely prove fatal when he attempted to land – meaning that his efforts to save the day would probably end quite tragically.