[For hundreds of millions of years], turtles have struggled out of the sea [to lay their eggs] [on sandy beaches], [long before there were nature documentaries 1to celebrate them, or GPS satellites 2 and marine biologists to track them, or volunteers to hand-carry the hatchlings down to the water’s edge] [lest they become disoriented 3 [by headlights] and crawl 4 towards a motel parking lot [instead].] A formidable 5 wall (of bureaucracy 6) has been erected 7 to protect their prime 8nesting [on the Atlantic coastlines]. [With all that attention paid to them], youd think these creatures would [at least] have the gratitude 9 [not] (to go extinct 10).

注:1. documentary adj. 文献的。例:

The importance of documentary veracity cannot be ignored.

n. 纪录片。文中此意。例:

He had accused a man of murdering his two sons after seeing a TV documentary.

[选自:BBC: NEWS | Health | Clark doctor decision challenged]

2. satellite  n.卫星,人造卫星。例:

Since the advent of satellite and cable TV, viewers have been turning away from traditional broadcasters.

[选自: BBC: NEWS | Business | Q&A: What lies ahead for ITV?]

v. 通过卫星传播

3. disoriented adj. 迷失方向的;感到糊涂的。例:

But that day I was totally disoriented even though I was standing right in front of the shop windows.

[选自: FORBES: The Day We Lost Our Innocence]

4. crawl vi. 蠕动,爬行;缓慢地行进。文中此意。例:

The lovely baby crawl towards his father.

When he was learning to crawl, the boy began developing ugly, purple bruises around his joints.

[选自: CNN: MAGAZINE | ASIANMOW | Asiaweek | Profiles In Courage]

n. 蠕动,爬行;缓慢地行进。例:

Traffic on this road was moving at a crawl.

5. formidable adj.可怕的,令人敬畏的,强大的(文中此意),难以应付的。例:

But Corley has more experience at the highest level than Witter and represents a formidable hurdle.

[选自: BBC: SPORT | Boxing | Witter ready for final world shot]

The enemy surrendered to our formidable army.

6. bureaucracy n. 官僚,官僚主义,官僚作风;(公司的)管理人员。例:

The bureaucracy is usually inefficient form of government.

7. erect vt. 树立,建立,使竖立。文中此意。例:

But plans to erect 127 wind turbines have split the community and the candidates.

[选自: BBC: Scottish election: Energy issues drive island voters]

adj. 直立的,垂直的。例:

Erect trees lined both sides of the road

8. prime adj. 主要的,首要的;最好的,一流的。文中此意。例:

Mr Berlusconi has been prime minister three times since he first took office in 1994.

[选自: BBC: NEWS | World | Europe | Italy crisis: Silvio Berlusconi resigns as PM]

prime minister 首相

a prime example


n. 青春,全盛期,青壮年时期。例:

In the prime of life

We should do what you want to do in the prime of life

9. gratitude n. 感谢,感激。例:

 Do your best, Pivnick suggests, and hope that her gratitude will get you a promotion.

[选自: FORBES: How To Deal With A Younger Boss]

10. extinct adj.灭绝的;熄灭了的。例:

an extinct species

The species was made extinct in Ireland in the 18th century, mainly due to human persecution.

[选自: BBC: NEWS | N. Ireland | Northern Ireland Red Kite project hailed success]

But Nature is indifferent [to human notions 1] (of fairness), and a report [by the Fish and Wildlife Service] showed a worrisome drop [in the populations of several species] (of North Atlantic turtles), ^notably 2 loggerheads 3^, (which can grow to [as much as 4] 400 pounds.) The South Florida nesting 5 population, ^the largest^, has declined [by 50%] [in the last decade], [according to Elizabeth Griffin], {a marine biologist with the environmental group Oceana}. The figures prompted 6 Oceana [to petition 7 the government to upgrade the level of protection for the North Atlantic loggerheads from “threatened” to “endangered”] – [meaning they are in danger of disappearing without additional help].  
但是自然对人们的平等观念却非常冷淡。渔业以及野生动物组织的一项报告显示,北大西洋里有好几种海龟的数量都在下降,实在令人担忧。尤其是一种能够长到400磅的大海龟,据环境保护组织Oceana的海洋生物学家Elizabeth Griffin说,南弗罗里达海岸数量最多的海龟在过去的十年里锐减了50%。这些数字迫使Oceana向政府请求将对北大西洋大海龟的保护程度由“受到威胁”提升到“濒临灭绝”——这意味着如果没有额外的保护,它们将面临消失的危险。

注:1. notion n. 概念,意念;看法,想法,观点。例:

The President pushed back strongly on the notion of there being any linkage with missile defense.

[选自: WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing]

Kenny’s notion of rural life is a lot of sunshine and fun.

2.notably adv. 显著地,特别地。例:

This idea has been adopted by other managers as well, most notably superstar CEO Andrew Grove.

[选自: FORBES: Most Popular | Managers: If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Broadcast It]

The organization had many enemies, most notably among feminists.  

3. loggerhead n. 红海龟,笨蛋

4. as much as

①表示数量 “多达”,文中此意。

We can take as much as our buyer can supply.   

②表示程度 “尽量”

You ought to rest as much as possible.


Do you dine out as much as you did in London?

5. nest n. 窝,巢

vi. 筑巢。例:

The seabirds nest on rocks off the coast.

6. prompt adj. 敏捷的,迅速的;即刻的。例:

Our new manager is prompt on the job.

These bills on your desk need prompt payment.

vt. 激起;促进,推动。文中此意。例:

The Ohio-California split could prompt the nation's high court to take up the issue.

[选自: CNN: NEWS | Tech | Ruling lets California police search your phone without a warrant]

The traffic accident prompt the driver to renew his insurance.

7. petition n. 请愿书,申请书;诉状。例:

A petition was signed by hundreds of local residents.

The court denied Mark’s petition.

vt. (向...)情愿,正是请求。文中此意。例:

Thompson will have to petition for an exemption of the 18-year-old age requirement.

[选自:NPR: 16-Year-Old Lexi Thompson Gets Historic LPGA Win]

Which raises the obvious question: what [else] do these turtles want [from us], ^anyway^? It turns out, ^according to Griffin^, that [while we have done a good job (of protecting the turtles) [for the weeks they spend on land (as egg-laying females, as eggs and as hatchlings)原],] we have neglected 1 the years (they spend [in the ocean].) “The threat is from commercial 2 fishing,” says Griffin. Trawlers (which drag large nets through the water and along the ocean floor)原and long line fishers (which can deploy 3 thousands of hooks on lines that can stretch 4 for miles)原take a heavy toll 5 [on turtles].

注:1. neglect vt. 忽视,疏忽,忽略;漏做。文中此意。例:

People today often neglect the consequences of sleep deficit.

Many users neglect take this simple precaution because it feels like a repetitive hassle.

[选自: CNN: Work-issued mobile devices emerging as key security risk]

n. 忽视,疏忽,漏做

Frank was fired because of the neglect of duty.

2. commercial adj. 商业的,商务的,贸易的。短语:

commercial intercourse 通商

the commercial venture 商业投资

a commercial center 商业中心。例:

They say the problem will damage tourism and the UK's reputation as a commercial centre.

[选自: BBC: Newspaper review: Papers question immigration checks][centre英国媒体习惯这么用,美国习惯用center。]

3. deploy vt. 部署,调度(军队或武器);有效地利用,调动。例:

Within this report I hope to incorporate some recommendations that would deploy money smarter.

[选自: FORBES: Getting Our Ducks in a Row]

to deploy arguments/resources 利用论据/资源

4. stretch vt. 拉长。例:

Do you known why my sweaters are always stretched?

vi. 伸, 延。文中此意。例:

But the speed limit for most of that stretch with revert to 70mph on Friday.

[选自: BBC: M80 roadworks speed restrictions to be lifted]

n. 一段时间,一段路程;拉长,延伸。例:

We have waited for a stretch of two hours.

He is driving on a stretch of open field.

5. toll n. 过路(桥)费;代价,伤亡数(文中此意)。例:

You should pay the toll.

Another 32 people were missing, the report added, suggesting the death toll could rise.

[选自:MSN: China floods kill 52, force 100,000 to evacuate]

vt. 征收(过路费);(缓慢而有规律地)敲(钟)。例:

The government set up stations to toll fees.

Church bells tolled the death of the bishop.

[Of course], [like every other environmental issue today], this is playing out [against the background of global warming and human interference 1 with natural ecosystems]. The narrow strips 2 (of beach) (on which the turtles lay their eggs) are being squeezed 3 [on one side by development and on the other by the threat of rising sea levels] [as the oceans warm.] [Ultimately 4] we must get a handle [on those issues] [as well], or a creature (that outlived 5 the dinosaurs) will meet its end [at the hands of humans], [leaving our descendants 6 to wonder how creature so ugly could have won so much affection 7].

注:1. interference n.干涉,干预,文中此意。例:

Other claims asserted by Oracle against HP include defamation and intentional interference with contractual relations.

[选自: MSN: Oracle brings new claims against HP in Itanium case]


vi. interfere (in) 干涉,干预

interfere (with) 妨碍,打扰。例:

I’ve always tried not to interfere in your affairs.

Skyscrapers may interfere with television reception.

2. strip vi.剥,剥去。例:

The officer was stripped of the rank.

n. 窄条,带状物。文中此意。例:

I’m told the man I’m looking for lives near the cemetery, beside the landing strip.

[选自: CNN: NEWS | Travel | Exploring Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula]

3. squeeze vt. 压榨,挤。文中此意。例:

squeeze toothpaste 挤牙膏

And who wants to try to squeeze their seat into space decreed to be “standard”?  

[选自:BBC: NEWS | UK | Magazine | Chaos in the changing room]

n. 榨取,勒索。例:

The farmers were driven to rebel by the squeeze of the landlords.

形近词:sneeze vi.打喷嚏

4. ultimate

ultimately adv.最后,最终,根本(文中此意)例:

This, ultimately, paves the way for maximising the repayment of debt to the taxpayer over time.

[选自: FORBES: Former Billionaire Loses Company, Owes $4 Billion]

词根 ultimate adj. 最后的,最终的;根本的。例:

in ultimate 到最后,结果

the ultimate authority 最高当局

an ultimate principle 基本原理

Hard work is the ultimate source of success.

5. outlive v. 比(某人)长寿  (文中此意),活到(某事)已被遗忘。例:

In birds, the reverse is true - and male birds generally outlive the females.

[选自:BBC: Women grow old genetically]

6. descendant n. 后代,后裔(文中此意);(由过去类似物发展来的)派生物。例:

This is where Juan's forebears repose, and where he, as a direct descendant is entitled to be buried.

[选自: BBC: NEWS | From Our Own Correspondent | From Cornwall to Mexico ]

They are descendants of the original English and Scottish settlers.

His design was a descendant of a 1956device.

adv. 下降的;祖传的。例:

Those tradition is descendant.

7. affection n.爱,慈爱;感情;影响。例:

The orphans need more care and affection.

David completely ignored his wife’s affections.

Why is there a sudden affection for the Post World War II period in the US?

[选自:FORBES: A Young World is No Place for Old Corporations]