Episode 1: Nameless, Faceless(2009.09.23)
A weak man has doubts before a decision.A strong man has them afterwards.——Karl krauss
卡尔·克劳斯(上世纪上半叶最杰出德语作家和语言大师之一,1874 - 1936):弱者在决策前迟疑,强者则反之。
Episode 2: Haunted(2009.09.30)
One need not be a chamber to be haunted.one need not be a house.The brain has corridors surpassing material place.——Emily dickinson 
艾米莉·狄金森(美国诗人,1830 - 1886 ):无需亲临幽室便能体味精神折磨,无需亲临暗宅,思想能带你穿越置身其中。
There is no witness so dreadful, no accuser so terrible,as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man.——Polybius 
Polybius(204 BC - 122 BC)古希腊历史学家。波里比阿是阿卡亚联盟(Achaean League)领袖Lycortas之子。公元前169年任阿哈伊亚同盟骑兵长官。罗马人在第三次战胜马其顿之后,他作为阿卡亚联盟1000个贵族人质之一被带到罗马。
Episode 3: Reckoner(2009.10.07)
Justice without force is powerless.Force without justice is tyrannical.——Blaise Pascal 
帕斯卡(法国哲学家,1623 - 1662):正义缺少武力是无能,武力缺少正义是暴政。
I have always found that mercy bears richer fruit than strict justice.——Abraham Lincoln 
亚伯拉罕·林肯(美国第16任总统,1809 - 1865):仁慈之树总比严刑律法更硕果累累。
Episode 4: Hopeless(2009.10.14)
There is no lasting hope in violence,only temporary relief from hopelessness.——Kingman Brewster Jr. 
Kingman Brewster Jr.(美国教育学家外交家、曾任耶鲁校长,1919 - 1988):暴力无法给人持久的希望,只能让人暂不心绝。
These violent delights have violent ends.——William Shakespeare 
莎士比亚(英国剧作家、诗人,1564 - 1616):狂暴的快乐都有狂暴的结局。
Episode 5: Cradle to Grave(2009.10.21)
You don't really understand human nature,unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around and why his parents will always wave back.——William D.Tammeus 
William D.Tammeus(记者):你不可能真正了解人性,除非能理解为什么旋转木马上的孩子会在每次转过父母时和他们招手,而父母也会每次和他们招手。
Episode 6: The Eyes Have It(2009.11.04)
And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee.——matthew 5:29 
马太福音 5:29 :若是你的右眼叫你跌倒,就剜出来丢掉。
Dwell in peace in the home of your own being,and the messenger of death will not be able to touch you.——Guru Nanak 
圣人那纳克(印度锡克教创始人,1469 -1539):生于静,生于汝生之本;则死亡之兆,亦将不得近汝。
Episode 7: The Performer(2009.11.11)
In all the darkest pages of the malign supernatural,There is no more terrible tradition than that of the vampire, A pariah even among demons.——Montague Summers 
Montague Summers (作家,1880-1948):在所有描述邪恶鬼怪的黑暗文字里,没有比描述吸血鬼传统更可怕的了,他是魔界的贱民。
Better to write for yourself and have no public,than to write for the public and have no self.——Guru Nanak 
Cyril Connolly(英国作家,1903 -1974):为自己写作无人问津,好过为人写作失去自我。
Episode 8: Outfoxed(2009.11.18)
man usually avoids attributing cleverness to somebody else, unless it's an enemy.——Albert einstein 
阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦(德裔美国科学家,现代物理学的开创者和奠基人,1879 - 1955):人通常不会承认别人比自己更智慧,除非他是你的敌人。
Episode 9: 100(2009.11.25)
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster,and if you gaze for long into an abyss, The abyss gazes also into you.——Friedrich Nietzsche 
弗里德里希·尼采(德国著名哲学家,诗人和散文家, 1844 - 1900):与恶魔斗争的人要时刻警惕,以免自己也变成恶魔,如果你久久地注视着深渊,那深渊同时也在注视着你。
So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family,that it remains the measure of our stability,because it measures our sense of loyalty.——Haniel Long 
哈尼尔·龙(诗人,1888 - 1956):我们心底所有美好的感情都凝结在我们对家人的爱里,这份爱留住属于我们的安定,因为也正是这份爱衡量着我们内心的忠诚。
Episode 10: The Slave of Duty(2009.12.09)
It's love that makes the world go 'round.——W.S.Gilbert 
威廉·施万克·吉尔伯特(英国著名剧作家, 1540 -1605 ):爱让世界转动。
Where we love is home,home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.——Oliver Wendell Holmes 
Oliver Wendell Holmes(美国著名法学家,最高法院大法官,1809 -1894 ):我们所爱的地方是家,即使人离开了,心依然牵挂着。
What lies behind us and at lies before us are tiny matters,compared wt lies within us.——Ralph Waldo Emerson 
拉尔夫·瓦尔多·爱默生(美国散文作家、思想家、诗人,1803 -1882 ):将要直面的,与已成过往的,较之深埋于我们内心的皆为微末。
Episode 11: Retaliation(2009.12.16)
Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit,because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure.——Tacitus 
塔西佗(Tacitus 古罗马元老院议员、历史学家, 公元55-117):人类更愿意报复伤害而不愿报答好意,因为感恩就好比重担,而复仇则快感重重。
There is a sacredness in tears,they are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.——Washington Irving 
华盛顿·欧文(1783 -1859)是19世纪美国最著名的作家,号称美国文学之父。1783年4月3日出生在纽约一个富商家庭。从欧文少年时代起就喜爱阅读英国作家司各特、拜伦和彭斯等人的作品。欧文的第一部重要作品是《纽约外史》。 1819年,欧文的《见闻札记》出版,引起欧洲和美国文学界的重视,这部作品奠定了欧文在美国文学史上的地位。
Episode 12: The Uncanny Valley(2010.01.14)
Anything you cannot relinquish, when it has outlived its usefulness, possesses you. And in this materialistic age, a great many of us are possessed by our possessions.——Mildred Lsette Norman
Mildred Lsette Norman:那些已經失去物質使用價值的東西,你卻仍然無法割舍它。在这个唯物主义的年代,我们之中很多人都被我们占有的东西侵噬了灵魂。
In life , unlike chess , the game continues after checkmate.——Isaac Asimov 
Episode 13:Risky Business(2010.01.20)
Life is a game, play it. Life is too precious, do not distroy it.——Mother Teresa 
特蕾莎修女(英文名:Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,1910年8月27日-1997年9月5日),又称作德兰修女、特里莎修女、泰瑞莎修女,是世界著名的天主教慈善工作者,主要替印度加尔各答的穷人服务。因其一生致力于消除贫困,于1979年得到诺贝尔和平奖。2003年10月被教皇约翰·保罗二世列入了天主教宣福名单Beatification,特蕾莎修女的名称也因此变为真福特雷莎修女(Blessed Teresa)。
Experience is a brutal teacher but you learn. My god do you learn.——C.S. Lewis 
Episode 14:Parasite(2010.02.05)
If I am what I have, and if I lose what I have, who then am I? ——Erich Fromm
Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive.--Sir Walter Scott 
沃尔特·司各特爵士(第一代从男爵,苏格兰历史小说家、诗人,1771 - 1832):我们刚刚学会欺骗,就编织出如此混乱的丝网
Episode 15:Public Enemy(2010.02.10)
Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy.——F. Scott Fitzgerald 
弗·司各特·菲茨杰拉德(美国小说家,1896 - 1940):给我一位英雄,我还你一出悲剧。
When a father gives to his son, they both laugh.——William Shakespeare 
威廉·莎士比亚(英国文学史和戏剧史上最杰出的诗人和剧作家,1564 - 1616):父为子付出,双方皆喜。
Episode 16:Mosley Lane(2010.03.03)
Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the tolments of man.——Nietzsche 
尼采(德国哲学家、诗人和散文家,1844 - 1900):希望是万恶之首,它不断延长着人们的痛苦。
Hope is the thing with feathers. That perches in the soul. And sings the tune without the words. And never stops at all.——Emily Dickinson 
艾米丽·狄更生(美国诗人,1830 - 1886):希望长有翅膀,栖于心灵之上,吟唱曲调,无须言表,天音袅袅,始终环绕。
Episode 17:Solitary Man(2010.03.10)
We're all of us sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins for life.——Tennessee Williams 
田纳西·威廉斯(美国剧作家,1911 - 1983):我们所有人都在自己的躯壳内,被孤独的囚禁终生。
托马斯·拉尼尔·威廉斯三世(Thomas Lanier Williams III),美国剧作家,以笔名田纳西·威廉斯闻名于世。他是二十世纪最重要的剧作家之一。他于1948年和1955年分别以《欲望号街车》(A Streetcar Named Desire)、《热铁皮屋顶上的猫》(Cat on A Hot Tim Roof)赢得普利策戏剧奖。
Family is a haven in a heartless world——Christopher Lasch 
克里斯托弗·拉什(美国史学家,1932 - 1994):现实生活铁石心肠,唯有家庭宛如天堂。
Episode 18:The Fight guesting Forest Whitaker, Mind 2.0(2010.04.07)
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt Hotch only more love. 
Episode 19: A Rite of Passage (2010.04.14)
A lion's work hours are only when he's hungry. Once he's satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together. Chuck Jones
Chuck Jones:狮子只在饥饿的时候猎食,一旦他果腹,捕获者和猎物将和平共处。
Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. Helen Keller. 
Helen Keller:很多人对什么是真正的快乐理解错误。快乐不能因为自我满足而获得,但却能通过为崇高的使命服务而获得。
Episode 20: A Thousand Words (2010.05.05)
A sincere artist tries to create something which is in itself a living thing. Painter William Dobell. 
William Dobell:真正的艺术家想要创造的是有生命的作品。
Gandhi said, I have seen children successfully surmount the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul. 
Episode 21:Exit Wounds(2010.05.12)
Nature in her most dazzling aspects or stupendous parts, is but the background and the theater of the tragedy of man. 
John Morley:自然界深远广博,绚丽浩瀚,却只不过是一幕幕人间悲剧的背景和舞台。
Ralph .W. Sockman said Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength. 
Ralph W Sockman :没有什么比温柔更坚强,而也没有什么比真正的坚强更温柔。
Episode 22:the Internet is forever(2010.05.19)
The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that is has taken place. George Bernard Shaw. 
The internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesen't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. Eric Schmidt 
Eric Schmidt (Google CEO):网络是人类首次建立的自身所无法驾驭的东西,也是人类迈向混乱状态的危险之举。
Episode 23:(2010.05.23)
Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “And out of the darkness, came the hands that reached through nature, molding men”
Alfred Lord Tennyson写道,在黑暗尽头,冥冥之中一双命运之手塑造着人类。
阿尔弗雷德·罗德·丁尼(1809-1892),维多利亚时期代表诗人,主要作品有诗集《悼念集》、独白诗剧《莫德》、长诗《国王叙事诗》等。 他是华兹华斯之后的英国桂冠诗人, 也是英国著名的诗人之一。