[Apparently] everyone knows that global warming [only] makes climate me>. A hot, dry summer has triggeredanother flood (of such claims). And, [while many interests are at work,] one of the players (that benefits [the most] [from this story]) are the media: the notion (of “extreme” climate) [simply] makes for [more] (compelling2) news.

注:1. trigger vt. 引发,引起;触发  vi. 松开扳柄  n. 扳机;[电子] 触发器;制滑机。例:

Any implanted object can trigger a foreign body response which looks a lot like cancer.

[选自:ENGADGET: RFID implants linked to cancer in lab tests]

The thieves must have deliberately triggered the alarm and hidden inside the house.

A man pointed a gun at them and pulled the trigger.

trigger pulse触发脉冲

pull the trigger开枪

trigger off引起;激起quick on the trigger[美国口语] 射击迅速的,出枪快速的,动不动就开枪的;行动迅速的;机灵的,(在回答问题时)反应迅速的,机警的;容易冲动的;性急的;扣扳机的手指

2. compelling adj.强制的, 令人注目的, 强迫性的。例:

In short, there is a clear and compelling reason to not release these particular photos.

[选自:WHITEHOUSE: President Obama: Our Security, Our Values]

Consider Paul Krugman writing breathlessly1 in the New York Times [about the “rising incidence of extreme events],” He claims that global warming caused the current drought [in America’s Midwest], and that supposedly2record-high corn prices could cause a global food crisis.

注:1. breathlessly adv.上气不接下气地,气喘地;屏息地。文中为不停地之意。例:

Naida spread the news breathlessly, even stopping the doctor who was hurrying to the treatment room.

[选自:NEWYORKER: Gorse Is Not People]

Local media have been breathlessly summarizing the newly released study (in Chinese here), which says that some 98.5% of Chinese bureaucrats suffer from poor health.

【同】wheezily adv.气喘地;屏息地

2. supposedly adv. 可能;按照推测;恐怕。例:

For this reason, prices can supposedly never go down.

They have supposedly agreed to conduct joint attacks and training exchanges and to share weapons.


But the United Nations climate panel’s latest assessment1 tells us [precisely] the opposite. [For “North America] there is medium2 confidence {that there has an overall slight tendency [toward less dryness]”. [Moreover], there is no way (that Krugman could have identified this drought [as being caused by global warming] [without a time machine];) Climate models estimate that such detection3 will be possible [by 2048], [at the earliest].

注:1. assessment n. 评定;估价。例:

The men also carried out an assessment of the benefits of dietary supplements in such situations.

[选自:BBC: Simulated Mars mission 'lands' back on Earth]

But how do you really know what exists unless you do an in-depth assessment?

risk assessment风险估计,危险率估计

environmental impact assessment环境影响评价

assessment method评价法

environmental assessment环境评价;环境评估

quantitative assessment定量评定(评价)

2. medium adj. 中间的,中等的;半生熟的。在这里作定语修饰信心,理解上来说讲的是有着一定的把握,而不能直接说成有着中等的信心。例:

Under Bureau of Prison guidelines, Madoff is likely to end up in a medium-security prison.

[选自:MSN: What’s the proper penalty for Madoff?]

3. detection n. 侦查,探测;发觉,发现;察觉。例:

For each mapping, set the conflict detection and resolution.

“It could be used as a timing device or as a moisture-detection device,” Tomich said.
它可以作为一个定时装置或作为水分检测装置”, Tomich说道。

[选自:MSN: New Glue Stays Sticky Even In Outer Space]

And, [fortunately], this year’s drought appears [unlikely] to cause a food crisis, [as global rice and wheat1 supplies retain [plentiful].] [Moreover], Krugman overlooks inflation: Prices have increased six-fold2 [since 1969]. So, [while corn futures did set a record (of about $8 per bushel) [in late July],] the inflation-adjusted3 price (of corn) was higher [throughout most of the 1970s], [reaching 516 in 1974].

注:1. wheat n. 小麦;小麦色。例:

Their firm has cornered the wheat market.

wheat germ小麦胚芽; [粮食] 小麦胚芽油;麦芽粉;麦芽

wheat beer [食品] 小麦啤酒;白啤酒;[食品] 小麦啤

2. six-fold adj. 六倍的。例:

The recent rise is extending a rally that began in 2001, multiplying gold prices six-fold in that period.

The sales represented a more than six-fold increase from a year earlier.

[选自:WSJ: Apple Opens New Stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai]

3. inflation-adjusted adj. 经通胀调整的。例:

Inflation is running above 2%, largely due to higher energy and food prices, which means workers’ average inflation-adjusted wages have declined.

[选自:WSJ: Wages Fail to Keep Up With Inflation]

[Finally], Krugman [conveniently] forgets that concerns about global warming are the main reason (that corn prices have skyrocketed1 [since 2005].) [Nowadays] 40 percent of corn (grown in the United States) is used to produce ethanol, (which does [absolutely] nothing [for the climate], but [certainly] distorts2 the price of corn) – ^at the expenseof many of the world’s poorest people^.

注:1. skyrocket n. 流星烟火;冲天火箭  

vi. 飞涨,突然高升

vt. 使…猛然上涨。例:

skyrocket show焰火表演

Skyrocket perform焰火表演

Skyrocket Property焰火道具

Production has dropped while prices and unemployment have skyrocketed.

If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket.

[选自:CNN: Transcript: Obama pleads health care case]

2. distort vt. 扭曲;使失真;曲解。文中为及物动词。

vi. 扭曲;变形。例:

The media distorts reality; it categorizes people as all good or all bad.

We could see the screen while sitting to the side of it, but tilting it caused colors to distort.

[选自:ENGADGET: Toshiba Portege R705 review]

3. expense n.损失,代价;消费;开支。文中作名词。

vt. 向…收取费用

vi. 被花掉。例:

Part of the reason Indians favor sons is the enormous expense of marrying off girls.

[选自:NPR: 285 Indian Girls Shed 'Unwanted' Names]

He’s bought a big TV at vast expense so that everyone can see properly.

at the expense of以…为代价;由…支付费用

at the expense以…为代价

daily expense每日费用

at no expense不花钱地;没有损失地

expense account[经]费用帐户,报销帐单

Bill Mickbben [similarly] worries [in The Guardian] [about the Midwest drought and corn prices]. He [confidently] tells us that ragingwildfires (from New Mexico and Colorado to Siberia) are “exactly” what the early stages of global warming look like.
Bill Mickbben在《卫报》上同样表达了对中西部干旱和玉米价格的担忧。他自信地告诉我们,从新墨西哥和科罗拉多到西伯利亚肆虐的森林大火 “确实”与全球变暖的初期相似。

注:1. raging adj. 愤怒的,狂暴的。文中为形容词作定语修饰wildfires,分析时一道作为主语划分了。


Bad weather was the other enemy - thick fog, pack ice and raging storms.

[选自:BBC: WWII arctic convoy veterans recall 'dangerous journey']

The field trip involved crossing a raging torrent.

His words roused a great rage inside her.

[In fact], the latest overview (of global wildfire) suggests that fire intensity has declined [over the past 70 years] and is [now] close to its preindustrial2 level.

注:1. intensity n. ① 强烈;剧烈;极度;紧张;极端;②. (电、光、热等的)强度;烈度;③ 热烈;热情;专心致志;④色饱和度;⑤艺术激情;(艺术表现的)紧凑;衡力;⑥【摄影术】密度;⑦(尤指原始人类的)文化活动。例:

At the same time, the intensity of the X-rays rose and fell every 10 minutes.

[选自:BBC: Middleweight black hole discovered]

high intensity adj. 高强度的 n. 高强度

labor intensity劳动强度,劳力投入密集度

light intensity光强度

stress intensity应力强度

intensity distribution强度分布;强度分析;亮度分布

2. preindustrial adj. 工业化前的;未工业化的。例:

All of the above analytical results indicate that war and depopulation have been the important adaptive choices in preindustrial society.

While ancient Egypt was a preindustrial society, its people did engage in cooking, metal working and mining, all activities that can generate air pollution.

[选自:MSN: Egyptian mummies hold clues to ancient air pollution]

[When well-meaningcampaigners want us [to pay attention to global warming],] they [often] end up pitching beyond the facts. And, [while this may seem justified [by a noble2 goal],] such “policy by people” tactics 3 [rarely] work, and [often] backfire4.

注:1. well-meaning adj. 善意的;好心的(但却常事与愿违)。例:

He is a well-meaning but ineffectual leader.

Imaginative and well-meaning suggestions about what ought to happen, but not much consideration given to the how.
想象力和善意的建议通常都用来考虑什么应该发生,而不是应该怎样发生。[选自:BBC: These are my times and I must know them]

2. noble adj. 高尚的;贵族的;惰性的;宏伟的。文中此意。

n. 贵族

vt. 抓住;逮捕。例:

The IRS has a long and noble tradition of resisting White House efforts to politicize it.

[选自:FORBES: Barack Obama: A Nixon, Not A Carter]

He was an upright and noble man who was always willing to help in any way he could.

He is a noble from French.

3. tactic n. 策略,战略。文中此意。

adj. 按顺序的,依次排列的。例:

The rebels would still be able to use guerrilla tactics to make the country ungovernable.

The White House has rejected resorting to this tactic to keep the nation from defaulting.

[选自:MSN: GOP retools plan as Congress seeks debt fix]

4. backfire vi. 事与愿违;放出逆火;预先放火;产生出乎意料及事与愿违的结果。文中此意。

n. 逆火,回火。例:

But as I wrote earlier this week, these proposals are far from perfect and could even backfire.

[选自:FORBES: Cyberwar Hype Comes Under Increasing Scrutiny]

The president's tactics could backfire.

The car backfired.

【同】temper n.逆火,回火

Remember how, ^in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005^, Al Gore claimed that we were in store [for ever more destructivehurricanes]? [Since then], hurricane incidence has dropped off 2 the charts. Exaggerated claims [merely] fuel public distrust and disengagement.

注:1. destructive adj. 破坏的;毁灭性的;有害的,消极的。例:

This destructive activity soon spread to other areas of the city and, in the days that followed, to other parts of the country.

Worrying about the things that are not in our control is wasteful and destructive.

[选自:FORBES: The Second Golden Rule on Living the Good Life]

2. drop off 减少;让……下车;睡着。例:

Two years later, earnings from the stocks had dropped off by nearly 50%.

I must have dropped off to sleep.

As a result, some analysts expect home sales to drop off after this month.

[选自:BBC: US home sales in unexpected fall]

[en]That is unfortunate, [because global warming is a real problem, and we do need to address1 it.][/en]


注:1. address vt. 演说;从事;忙于;对付;处理;设法了解并解决;写姓名地址;向…致辞;与…说话;提出。文中作动词,解决之意。

n. 地址;演讲;致辞;说话的技巧;称呼。例:

Our exercises address core skills so that they don’t need to be addressed by the teacher.

[选自:CNN: Free learning videos go viral]

He is due to address a conference on human rights next week.

Mr King sought to address those fears when he spoke at the meeting...