For four seasons, Jessica Lange was the cornerstone of American Horror Story. Despite being beloved by fans and showered with praise from critics, Lange chose not to return the series.
Jessica Lange(兰姨)曾担任《美国恐怖故事》系列1-4季的核心角色,尽管备受粉丝喜爱,影评也是赞不绝口,兰姨正式宣布不会回归美恐系列。

Jessica Lange explained that “four seasons of American Horror Story was plenty. Everything changed from one year to another which made it very interesting to me. But no, I think sometimes you come to the end of something and it has had its natural"
兰姨证实道“ 四季《美国恐怖故事》令我收获颇丰,对我而言,每一年每一季都能饰演不同角色是非常有趣的,但遗憾天下没有不散的筵席。”

Morever, it is comfirmed that Lady Gaga will returning for the season 6!