Let's say you have 388 Facebook friends, which is apparently the average.

Now, take away the people you don't actually like. How many true friends - whose lives and happiness you're emotionally invested in - does this leave?

Sorry to say this, but whether that number is high or low, you need to halve it.

Yes, fifty per cent of the people with whom you've laughed, cried, fought and maybe even been in their wedding party, 50 per cent of them don't like you - and there's a study to prove it.

Published in online journal Public Library of Science , scientists from both Tel Aviv University and MIT have carried out various social experiments and looked into other studies' findings.

Their aim, according to the Telegraph , was to "determine how many friendships are reciprocal, and how many are one-sided".

And the findings show we're not able to truly identify which of our circle are true friends, and which are just acquaintances.

One of the scientists on the project, Dr. Erez Shmueli: "It turns out that we’re very bad at judging who our friends are."
参与这个项目的一位科学家Erez Shmueli博士说:“事实证明我们都不擅长判断谁才是真正的朋友。”

"If you think someone is your friend, you expect him to feel the same way. But in fact that's not the case — only 50 percent of those polled matched up in the bidirectional friendship category."