Distinguished leadership of the ministry of personnel:

     Hello! first of all, thank you for your busy schedule to take some time to give me a chance to showcase themselves.    

     xx i am a fresh graduate schools. economic information management and computer application of professional learning through the three years, i already have a solid basic knowledge of professional skills. i am confident that your company to accept any interview and assessment.     in school, i always work hard at their studies, the outstanding (on scholarship), mastered the pascal, c language, data structures, database theory, operating systems, computer systems, and so on the basis of professional knowledge. at the same time, a large number of the machine, i master the dos, windows operating system, unix and have a certain understanding of the use of independent word.photoshop, excel and other application software, programming languages have a certain basis, with the ability of network operators. economic information as a management and computer applications students, i recognize that the internet economy in the next great role to play, so spare time i hard a lot of self-knowledge network. first of all, the basis for the application of internet, such as surfing the web, use search engines, online search, download all the required information, such as skilled. moreover, i do not meet here, to learn the html language, and the frontpage, dreamweaver, web page editing software, such as, firework, flash graphics processing software, such as web pages, you can easily carry out the editorial pages. now i on the internet, it has set up their own personal home page, http:/www.fanwen8.com and remote file transfer protocol (ftp) for maintenance and management. ongoing efforts to make my website matures. of course, a master of high-quality talent in addition to solid professional knowledge, also should have a rich knowledge of the humanities. i love literature from an early age, in relation to broad base the book, for my writing skills has laid a solid foundation. since reading, writing constantly to participate in school activities, the number of articles published works. especially in college, was invited as a newspaper reporter, has won numerous awards for article entries. in addition, learning english, i already have a certain amount of listening, speaking, written and spoken, can be used to carry out day-to-day communication in english.    future needs of our society is a combination of theory and practice of the compound talents. study, i participated in the activities of a large number of social practice, and home to shopping malls促销员done in order to exercise its own tradition of hard work, meticulous style of work.    flowers and honor can only represent the past, the future of my community is a strange world, it is a challenging world. i am young, have a strong belief in energy and unwillingness to admit defeat, but a lack of self-training. opportunities for self-display. bole your vision is not, i will not be able to give full play to their own knowledge. therefore, i very much hope that your company can become a member. i will be more enthusiasm into the new working environment for companies to contribute to the development of youth. would like the company's head for a better tomorrow! i hope ken reply sincerely.