What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?


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This was 3 months back when I was in China for a student exchange program. It had been 2 days and I was in a supermarket searching for basic food stuffs. Everything was in Chinese and hardly anybody understood what I was trying to ask. I was almost on the verge of crying because I realized these 3 months were going to be very tough.

Then, a man approached me and tried to ask using hand gestures if everything was okay. I asked him where I could find ketchup. He didn't know English. But, he realized my dilemma and called his daughter from his cellphone. She talked to me in English and asked me what I needed. She then translated that back to her father and he took me to the section.

It was a very touching moment of my life. Even in a strange country, if someone tries to do even this much for you, it is enough in taking a leap of faith.


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After a long day at work, I just wanted to go home and hit the bed. My husband had an equally tiresome day. We both wanted tea. I made tea for both of us, headed straight into bed room with a book in my hand. My husband was asking instructions for washing the clothes as the laundry bag was full.

He washed the clothes and wrung it and put it for drying too. Meanwhile, I dozed off on the bed with a book in my hand.

At around, 9.30 P.M he came inside the room and softly pecked my forehead. I was just vexed at the thought that he will be hungry and I had to prepare dinner. I was drowsy and couldn't open my eyes fully. He had turned off the lights too. I didn't know when.

He slowly lifted me up and said in my ears, "Please don't sleep without eating. I have made maggi". He doesn't know to cook much. He had made whatever he could manage without disturbing me.

That moment, I felt warm and loved!


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All my friends who weigh over 145 pounds rushed to blood bank to donate blood for my dengue treatment.

Guys just below 145 pounds ( It was mandatory ) drank lot of water and wore two shirts to weigh more.

Tears rolled out when I heard all this after I recovered. From that day I donate blood voluntarily every 3 months.