Her Majesty the Queen has always done everything in her power to rise above the vagaries of fashion, and that's precisely how we like it.

In the year of her 90th birthday, the kind of block-heeled shoes she has favoured for an entire half-century are on the point of looking dreadfully fashionable.

It is an Italian man, Alessandro Michele of Gucci (the most extremely fashionable designer in the universe at this moment) who ought to be dragged before the throne and made to explain himself.

Michele launched the shoes, a pair of antiqued gold leather lame loafers with a fringed tongue and solid mid-heels.

So sparked up were the ladies of the fashion press at the sight of those psychedelically-enhanced, Queen-like loafers that dozens charged off to buy them.

Better to opt for the more modern low-heels which don't reference too closely anything our mothers and grandmothers might have worn with their Crimplene A-line shifts and chain-belts in the Sixties.


If wearing a very sober block heel, avoid a matching skirt and coat (unless you really do want to pass for Her Majesty).

A sparkly heel is enough of a statement so keep other bejewelling in your outfit to a minimum. Now fashion has come around to the low, block heel.

Think carefully about elasticated styles. On all but the very young these look faintly surgical.

If you’ve fallen in love with a retro, block-heeled slingback, keep the rest of your look ultra-modern.