One beautiful summer morning, a farmer went to check his animal traps. In one tap, he found a beautiful eagle. At first, he thought that he would hill the eagle and eat it.

But then he thought to himself, “This is a beautiful and special bird. It often catches rabbits and mice that eat my crops. I’ll let it go.”

He opened the trap, and the eagle spread its wings and flew up into  the blue shy.

The eagle was very grateful to be free again. It continued to live on the farmer’s land and catch mice and rabbits.

Later that summer, the farmer was building a wall. It was high and made of large stones. Suddenly, the wall started to fall, but the farmer did not notice.

The eagle, flying above, saw that the farmer was in danger. It flew down and grabbed the farmer’s hat off his head. The farmer shouted, Hey! Bring that back!”

The eagle flew a short distance and then dropped the hat. The angry farmer picked up his hat and walked back. He saw that the stone wall had fallen. The farmer smiled and thought, “The eagle repaid me when I  most needed help.”