There once was a proud heron. She thought she was the wisest and most beautiful heron in the world.

One morning, she stood a stream and looked into the water. She want to have a big, fat fish for breakfast. “There are a lot of fish here,” she said, “but they’re too small for me. I deserve only the  biggest and the best!”

Just then, a bigger fish swam near the shore, but the heron still wasn’t interested. “I wouldn′t bother to open my mouth for such a small fish!” she said.

Then heron was that a big, fat fish would come soon. She waited beside the stream, but only small fish appeared.

As she waited, the sun rose into the sky. The water became warm and all the small fish swam away. The heron was hungry, but she could only find a tiny snail.

“I had so many choices before,” said the heron, “but I was too proud and hard to please.

Now I have nothing to eat at all.”