Tommy is turtle. He has no daddy, no mummy and no friends.He is crying.
Tommy 是一只乌龟。他没有爸爸、妈妈和朋友。他在哭。

A bird comes. She says: “I can fly. Let’s fly!”Tommy says: “ no,no, I can’t fly!”
一只小鸟过来了。她说:“我会飞,让我们一起飞吧。”Tommy 说:“不,不,我不会飞。”

A rabbit comes. He says: “ I can jump. Let’s jump!”Tommy says: “no, no. I can’t jump!”

A monkey comes. He says:“I can climb the tree. Let’s climb the tree!”Tommy says: “ no, no. I can’t climb the tree!”

A duck comes. He says: “I can swim. Let’s swim!”Tommy smiles: “ we are friends!”