Fashion trends keep changing. Every season designers seem to enjoy surprising people with something new.

This spring is no exception – there is something you should watch for if you intend to change your wardrobe in order to refresh. We are going to give you a brief description of five trends that you might be interested in.

1. Fringe of All Sorts
1. 各式流苏

Fringe reminds us of the '70s. This trend was very popular back then. Now it seems that fashionistas all around the globe want fringe in their wardrobes again! This boho accessory can change your style beyond recognition. Feel free to cover yourself in fringe: shoes, clothing, handbags and even jewelery.


2. Suede Everything
2. 各式麂皮

Another boho detail that was very popular in the '70s is suede. This year you simply must have something made from this material. This trend is interesting because you can wear it in a variety of ways. Try suede boots and handbags or, if you are brave enough, put on a high-waist suede skirt. And what if you combine suede with fringe? The result will be stunning!

3. Open Shoulders
3. 露肩

Cold shoulder dresses and tops were worn last year. This year the trend seems to keep on going on. However, be prepared for a slight twist – a nice high neckline that bares the shoulder called by ELLE "X-Factor"!

4. Casual Wear for the Bold and Athletic
4. 大胆的运动休闲装

Athletic clothes can be worn everywhere! Your gym is not the only place where you can show up in this outfit. In 2016 we all can look both practical and stylish. What will make our regular athletic clothing different will be bright colors as well as edgy and bold silhouettes. Thanks to the Athleisure trend, this spring we will feel absolutely comfy in our clothes.

5. Pantone's "Rose Quartz" & "Serenity"
5. 潘通最新的“粉晶”和“静谧蓝”色

What shades do you think might be in trend this spring? Well, a pale pink (also known as Rose Quartz) will be in fashion! You can combine this romantic color with a pastel blue (also known as Serenity). As a result, your outfit will tell others how compassionate, peaceful and balanced you are. You are certain to find plenty of blue and pink jackets, dresses and other items all over stores. They will look absolutely superb in accessories, such as jewelry and purses.