Zootopia 动物乌托邦 (zoo+utopia:animals-only fantasy world)
Predator – Prey (捕食者 — 被捕食的动物)
Endearing (SYN lovable)
Police VS Please 
Diminutive – Towering (small, short - big)
Infuriate (Definition: To make sb extrememly angery)
    Origin: in(向里)+fury (anger) +iate(v后缀)
Menagerie (equals to zoo)
Sheepish 胆怯的 (对比长短元音[iː] and [i])
Rhino 犀牛

Bursting with a rich blend of timely themes, superb voice work, wonderful visuals and laugh-out-loud wit, Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia" is quite simply a great time at the movies.

At its heart, the film is a classic oil-and-water buddy comedy but set against a unique, animals-only fantasy world where predator and prey live in harmony.

The movie's endearing heroine is Judy Hopps (deftly voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), an energized bunny with 275 siblings and a lifelong dream to become a cop, an ambition she fulfills when she leaves her devoted parents (Bonnie Hunt, Don Lake) and the family carrot farm to join the Zootopia Police Department.

Once in the big city, however, the diminutive Judy is overshadowed by her towering fellow cops — rhinos, elephants, hippos and so on — and summarily dismissed by Police Chief Bogo (Idris Elba), a surly cape buffalo who assigns Judy meter-maid duty instead of allowing her to assist in the investigation of a rash of missing mammals.
然而,一来到大城市里,小朱迪的大块头警察同事(犀牛、大象、河马等等)就使得她相形见绌, 之后又被警察局长博戈(伊德里斯·艾尔巴配音)草率地开除。博戈是一只脾气暴躁的非洲水牛,他给朱迪分配的任务是处理违章停车,而不是调查一系列动物失踪案件。

That is, until the resourceful Judy gets a lead in the case of a vanished otter whose worried wife (Octavia Spencer) is pleading for his safe return. Against his better judgment, the chief gives Judy 48 hours to solve the crime — or face being fired.
直到发生一起水獭失踪案件,水獭忧心忡忡的妻子( 奥克塔维亚·斯宾瑟配音)恳求水獭的平安归来。局长基于出色的判断,给了朱迪48小时来调查这起案件,否则朱迪就将被开除。

Then there's Nick Wilde (a perfectly cast Jason Bateman), a con man of a fox (a con fox?) who infuriates Judy when she falls for one of his street scams. Judy, in turn, shrewdly hustles Nick, boxing him into helping her find the otter in a race against time.
然后,一只名叫尼克·王尔德的骗子狐狸( 杰森·贝特曼为其完美配音)在一场街头骗局里欺骗了朱迪并激怒了她。朱迪反过来设下圈套,精明地强迫尼克在这场与时间赛跑的行动中帮她找到水獭。

What follows is an imaginative, well-plotted, fast-paced search for clues that takes Judy and Nick all over Zootopia, where they encounter a menagerie of vivid, at times intriguingly shady characters. These include the city's blustery lion of a mayor (J.K. Simmons), his sheepish sheep of an assistant mayor (Jenny Slate), a Don Corleone-like Arctic shrew (Maurice LaMarche) with polar bear henchmen, a super-mellow yak (Tommy Chong) and a crooked weasel (Alan Tudyk).

A purposefully prolonged set piece that finds Judy and Nick at the local Department of Motor Vehicles is the picture's highlight and a comic gem. In a genius lampoon of this government agency's reputation for sluggish service, the office is run entirely by sloths, who move and talk so slowly the time's-a-wastin' Judy nearly jumps out of her bunny skin.

Idiom : Jump out of one’s skin
Definition: Used with almost, nearly, etc., to say that someone is suddenly surprised or frightened very much by something
Eg: I didn't hear her come in, so I nearly jumped out of my skin when she spoke to me. (Suddenly surprised)
A) 最常见的scare and frighten
B) 程度深的Terrify: To make someone feel extremely frightened
C) Give somebody a fright
Definition: To make someone suddenly feel frightened in a way that makes their heart beat more quickly.
Eg: It gave me a terrible fright when I found him unconscious on the floor. ‘当我发现他晕倒在地板上时,我吓了一跳。’
D) Give somebody the creeps
Definition:Something makes you feel slightly frightened because it is strange. 
Eg: This house gives me the creeps. 

En route, Judy and Nick of course bond as they begin to respect each other's stereotype-breaking strengths and emotional cores. This dynamic proves particularly instructive within Zootopia, where 90% of its population is considered "prey" and only 10% "predators." In looking humorously — and also sensitively — at the pitfalls of bias and fear-mongering, the terrific script by Jared Bush and Phil Johnston offers a host of essential lessons for our fractious times. If the film's messages occasionally lack subtext, so be it: perhaps better to sink in with younger viewers.

Sink in(下沉-渗透-理解)
Sink: To go down below the surface of water or mud.
Definition:If information or facts sink in, you gradually understand them or realize their full meaning.
Eg: He paused a moment for his words to sink in.