Dating is hard. But guess what, it used to be even harder back in the days before online dating, Facebook and dating apps. You know, the days when if you liked someone, you couldn't just "poke" them on Facebook or "like" their newly-single status. In person, there was only one way to get their attention: the pick-up line.

We asked our Facebook friends to share the funniest pick-up lines they've ever heard (or delivered)! Here are just a few of them.

1. "If I told you you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" 

2. "Do you have a map? Because, I just got lost in your eyes."

3. "Can I have your phone number? Because I lost mine."

4. "What's your sign?"

5. "There are three things I want to do before I die and you're fulfilling one of them."

6. "You're so fine, I'll drink your bath water."

7. "I must be in heaven, because you're an angel."

8. "Haven't I seen you before? Maybe in my dreams..."