An Australian woman has accidentally become a viral online sensation after sharing an image of a ''life hack'' which has shown people worldwide they've been using chopsticks wrong all their lives.

The nifty trick is fairly simple: just snap the chunky wooden taboff the end of a pair of disposablechopsticks and use it as a stand to avoid putting utensils straight onto the table.

However, it seems the trick was enough to break the Internet when people reacted to the ground-breaking chopsticks news with absolute shock and amazement.

An Australian woman saw the photo on Facebook and, deciding it was funny, thought she'd reshare it on Twitter. Bort of Darkness' tweet went viral almost immediately and, two days later, she can still barely use her phone as she is bombarded with messages and retweets from amazed social media users.
一位澳大利亚妇女是在脸书上看到这个图片的,当时她觉得很有趣,于是在推特上进行了分享。这条推特传播的速度之快堪比病毒,两天以后,这位博主(Bort of Darkness)仍然几乎无法自己的手机,因为社交媒体上有太多用户被这条推文惊艳到了,他们发来的消息持续轰炸着她的手机。

The bemused young woman has also now been credited as the brainchild behind the life hack in news articles around the world, from Ireland to Germany.

Although she's found the staggering response quite absurd, Bort says it's given her an intriguing insight into how quickly online content can go viral.

''I just tweeted it thinking a couple of people would be like 'oh', but it got retweeted about ten times in a minute,'' Bort told Daily Mail Australian.

''I went to bed thinking it would have blown over by the morning. I think it was on 1000 retweets at bedtime and when I woke up a friend had posted on my Facebook wall to say she had been reading her Irish news site and my tweet was on there!''

She says she has received a range of responses – most commonly: 'what?','noooo way' and 'my life is a lie' – but her favourite tweets have been the photos shared showing 'failed chopstick hacks' where people have tried to imitate the trick only for it to go terribly wrong.

''I guess my conclusion from this whole thing was that it was nice to have had responses from all over the world and to see people having some nice discourse about proper chopstick etiquette!''