In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, Japan always rolls out a bunch of unexpected ways to get your chocolate fix, as chocolate-covered French fries and instant yakisoba noodles.


And the innovation isn’t stopping, as Mensho, a small chain of ramen restaurants in Tokyo, is rolling out chocolate ramen. While it doesn’t officially go on sale until February 1, we were offered a sneak peek/bite.


Mensho has seven branches. However, only one, the location near the Yurakucho subway station called Mensho Tokyo, is serving the chocolate ramen.

Mensho共有7家分店,但只有乐町地铁站附近的Mensho Tokyo有巧克力拉面。

When Mensho says “chocolate ramen,” they don’t mean that the noodles themselves are made out of chocolate. Instead, it’s the broth that’s infused with the confectionary, with solid chunks of chocolate floating in the soup stock.


if you’re in the mood to enjoy the chocolate flavor, you’ve got two options. The first is to simply grab pieces of chocolate with your chopsticks and eat them like you would any other ramen toppings. However, while the chocolate chunks are perfectly tasty, eating them like that doesn’t really give you any different of an experience from eating chocolate in the ordinary, non-ramen manner.


Instead, we recommend stirring the chocolate and giving it some time to melt into the broth. This gives the broth a pleasant sweetness as you first take a sip.


It also rewards you with a dessert beverage after you’ve finished all the noodles.


Mensho Tokyo will be selling the 880-yen (US$7.30) chocolate ramen from February 1 to 14.