It's been barely a week since a picture of a cat taking a selfie took the internet by storm. But it seems there's a new contender for most famous feline in town, as a video of a cat dressed as a monkey has notched up an impressive 6.7 million views in just two days.The video, entitled Cat + Monkey 2016 was uploaded to YouTube on New Year's Eve, then reposted on Facebook the following day where it has been viewed millions of times and liked almost 100,000 times.

The bizarre clip shows a ginger cat dressed in a monkey costume with only its face showing, as its owner brandishes a banana in front of its face. The cat later appears on a table surrounded by fruit and goes as far as to lick the banana, a fruit that isn't toxic to cats. But the 14-second clip proved extremely divisive, with people seemingly unable to agree on whether it was 'hilarious' or 'cruel'. More than 50,000 people offered their opinions on the video.

The video was posted by a Japanese YouTuber who claims to live with 10 cats and regularly posts funny clips. It divided Facebook users, who couldn't agree on whether the clip was funny or 'cruel'.