Canadians aren’t usually a hateful bunch. In fact, even just writing this article was a difficult exercise in trying to come up with public figures that many Canadians might seriously consider not holding the door open for. But there are definitely a few people out there who are less than popular in many households, so let’s have a look at who they are.


A little known fact is that Canada has very strict laws written into our federal constitution regarding being a polite and upstanding citizen, punishable by years in a correctional etiquette institution. Justin Bieber has broken these laws a thousand times over with his bad boy attitude, and has largely tarnished the well-mannered reputation of our fine country. Although it is hard to be hateful as a Canadian, least of all to one of our own kind, most Canadians would agree to make an exception for our international export.
鲜为人知的是,加拿大的联邦宪法严格地规定了我们要做一个有礼貌又正直的公民,做不到的人甚至要被罚在礼仪矫正机构待上几年。而Justin Bieber一贯是那种坏男孩的态度,早已无数次违反这条法律!他的行为也让以文明礼貌著称的加拿大多次蒙羞。尽管加拿大人很少怨恨他人,尤其是对自己的同胞,但大多数加拿大人都同意为Justin Bieber这个“出口商品”开个特例。


While this one is more of a joke, many Canadians do carry lightly in their minds a general semblance of the obnoxious, ignorant American stereotype. In actuality, both government and public interactions between Canadians and Americans are quite amicable, though we do sometimes like to poke fun at them for being like a loud and annoying big brother.


Many hockey fans carry an intense loathing for the current commissioner of the national hockey league, and it’s become a tradition for fans to boo him at any hockey arena he makes an appearance at. Throughout his 25 year career with the NHL, he’s made a lot of questionable decisions that many Canadians feel have been anti-Canadian. Most notably,expanding teams into non-traditional hockey markets like the American south,while passing over Canadian and northern American cities with a stronger hockey interest. Worst of all, over a twenty-year period he’s been responsible for 3 NHL labor lockouts, which fans make sure to remind him of whenever he’s forced to present on ice.


Another example of an embarrassing Canadian music export, Nickleback was our national shame before Justin Bieber came to the world stage. Despite also being one of our most commercially successful artists, the band has received immense criticism for epitomizing the stereotype of a formulaic and repetitive pop music band. Internationally, their music has led them to be ranked as both the 2nd highest foreign band of the 2000’s on the U.S. Billboard rankings behind the Beatles, and the 2nd worst band of the 1990’s by Rolling Stone magazine. The disparity between their commercial success and critical reception makes them a highly controversial band to say the least.
这是另一个让人尴尬的加拿大音乐出口品。早在Justin Bieber为世界所知之前,Nickleback就是我们的国耻了,尽管他们也是加拿大商业上最成功的艺术家之一。Nickleback因为过于刻板泛滥的音乐模式已经遭受了不少批评。国际上,他们既被评为21世纪Billboard排名第二高的外国乐队(仅次于披头士),又“荣膺”滚石杂志评选的“90年代最糟糕的乐队”第二名。Nickleback在商业上大获成功,却同时遭受巨大批评,这天壤地别的差距让他们成了一个极富争议的乐队。


Despite an international perception of Canada being a multilingual country that embraces both its English and French heritage,there is a strong amount of both support and disdain surrounding the Quebec separatist movement, whose goals are for Quebec to abdicate the rest of Canada and become its own sovereign state. In reality, French is largely only spoken and used in the province of Quebec, and many parts of the rest of the country feel that it’s useless and annoying to require documents, signs and labels to be written in both English and France. Consequently, there are some in Quebec who feel discriminated against, spurring a long and drawn out separation movement that’s been dragging on for nearly 50 years now.