As the world looks to leaders in Paris to hammer out a new climate change deal, countries have been ranked on their performance on tackling global warming in a new report.

Denmark emerged at the top of the list as the country doing the most to combat dangerous global warming, with the UK close behind.

However, Saudi Arabia was ranked in the lowest position while Australia was third from last, just a day after the country's foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said Australia is meeting and beating its targets on climate change.

While no country was awarded first to third place, because 'no country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change', Denmark took fourth place –the top ranking out of 58 countries.

The UK, Sweden, Belgium and France make up the remaining top five.

'EU countries still rank high, profiting from their early start in development of climate policies,' said Wendel Trio, Director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe.

Germany came in 22nd, the US in 34th and China in 47th, rated 'poor'. But the two largest emitters –the US and China - have both improved their ranking on the index.

This is due to better policy evaluations, due to their massive investments in renewable energy and their start to shift energy production away from coal.