Like everyone else, geniuses need a place to work. However, since every genius is different, they naturally have different ideas of the workspaces that will make them productive.

This post shows the work areas belonging to seven of the greatest geniuses of all time. Based on the appearance of your desk, which type of genius might you be?

1. Creative clutter.
1. 乱中有序。

Your desk is covered with documents and notes because you're more interested in ideas than in making things tidy. Not to worry, though. If you really need to find a particular scrap of paper, you're pretty sure where it's lying in the stack. Your role model: Albert Einstein.

2. Minimalist.
2. 至简态度。

Your desk is no-nonsense. You've got the tools you need to get the job done, with no distractions. Why waste space with photos or doodads? What's important is getting the job done, as quickly as possible. You don't have the time to daydream. Your role model: Marie Curie.

3. The game room.
3. 游戏办公室。

You tend to work in bursts of creativity followed by periods of relaxation where you collect your thoughts and ponder what to do next. Your work area has toys and games to occupy your time ... and that of the many people who enjoy hanging out with you. Your role model: Mark Twain.

4. The organizer.
4. 有条不紊。

Your brain works best when you put everything into categories. There's a place for everything, and nothing should be out of place. After all, without being organized, how could you possibly take on so many different tasks and still be successful? Your role model: Thomas Edison.

5. All wired up.
5. 错综复杂。

Your office is control central, connected to everyone and everything. You've got a PC, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, an Apple Watch ... and maybe more than one of each. You've got all the gadgets that go along with them, too, so you can work at light-speed. Your role model: Nikola Tesla.

6. The garden.
6. 亲近自然。

To do your best work, you must feel connected with nature. You've got to have the window view and, if possible, a desk to work outside when the weather is nice. Your creativity blooms best when you're closest to the flowers. Your role model:VirginiaWoolf.

7. Home sweet home.
7. 入座如归。

While others thrive in a busy office, you'd rather work surrounded by the objects and people you love. You have your best ideas after a leisurely cup of coffee or, later, a sip or two of claret. You've mastered the ability to work and live with elegance. Your role model:Charles Darwin.