Stressful situations are sometimes inevitable. Each of us perceives challenges in their own way and reaction to them also varies. How stressful our life is depends not only on us. Other people influence it as well, and this is something we cannot change. Or can we?

What if we do not try to change others (which is a fairly hopeless task), but rather try and change our attitude to stress and tension that we often experience at work?

1. Stretching

Stretching releases muscle tension that accumulates in your back, shoulders, and neck during the day.

2. Do a short workout

Even when your day is extremely busy, do your best and set aside at least 5-10 minutes to do some exercise. There are plenty of exercises you can practice that do not require any special equipment: yoga, oxycise or simple squats – you can pick any kind of workout to your liking. Physical activity will boost your energy level and help you calm down. Working out is beneficial for both your body and mind.

3. Drink a cup of herbal tea
3. 喝一杯花草茶

Herbs work miracles. Some of them, such as chamomile and peppermint, are a powerful tool helping to fight stress and anxiety. NASA scientists have recently carried out research into the effect of herbs and found out that peppermint scent decreases tiredness by 20% and reduces frustration by 25%. Make a smarter choice and, while at work, drink herbal tea instead of coffee.

4. Take a stroll
4. 闲逛

Once you find yourself in a different surrounding, you will feel much better. It’s great if your office is located in an environmentally clean place, for example, near a city park. You can then refresh yourself and relax a bit before you dive back into your working routine. If your office is situated in a busy city center, then you can spend your lunch break in a sidewalk cafe. Order your favorite drink and distract yourself by watching people go by.

5. Have a chat
5. 聊会天

Call someone who you know can understand and support you when you feel stressed. Avoid those who you think can increase anxiety and stress. A study shows that communication with close people, such as your friends or parents, produces oxytocin in your body—the hormone that is needed to successfully fight tension and stress.