1. Confront them
1. 面对她们

If someone judges you every time you meet them, it may be useful to simply talk to them. A frank conversation usually helps women to understand each other. You may discover some facts you didn`t know about her and it may help you to understand her attitude towards you. You may even be able to prove that you are not as bad as she thinks. Don’t do it, though, if you see that she doesn’t even try to understand you.

2. Don’t judge them
2. 别去评判她们

Just because other women judge you for being strong and independent doesn’t mean you can judge them for being weak and passive. Like it or not, people are afraid of strong women – probably because they are not brave enough to be a bit stronger than they are. They may be jealous of you and the fact that you`re better than they are. Instead of judging them, try to help boost their self-esteem and inspire them to become stronger.

3. Don’t lose motivation
3. 不要失去动力

Strong women always have a reason to be strong. Whether it was your choice or something or someone pushed you to become strong, you should never forget your root motivation. The success you have now is the result of your hard work. Focus on your own life and ignore those who’s trying to ruin it.

4. Realize your mission
4. 明白自己的使命

Every successful woman should realize that her mission isn`t all about herself only. You`re a perfect role model for the young ladies. When looking at you and your achievements they`ll try to catch up with you and understand that nothing can prevent them from getting what they want. You make the world better by just being yourself.

5. They’re not worth your attention
5. 她们并不值得你注意

As a successful woman you have plenty of things to do and your schedule is always busy. Every minute, every second, every moment of your life is extremely important. Then, why do you waste your precious time worrying about other people`s opinions and judgments? Women who are constantly judging you simply have nothing else to do. They are lucky to have a lot of free time for gossips while you are trying to reach your goals and boost your success.

6. It`s your own choice
6. 这是你自己的选择

Among anything else you should remember is that it was your own choice to become strong and independent and you probably knew what to expect. You`re not the first successful woman in the world, after all. Those role models you were looking for the inspiration from also had the same problems with other women`s judgement. You should be wiser and stronger to deal with the difficulties you can`t avoid.

7. It makes you stronger
7. 这会让你更坚强

Their attitude wouldn`t kill you and what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger. Their gossips and judgments are useless. In fact, if someone talks about you that means you`re important and popular. Learn how to ignore them. Remember you are smarter and stronger than they are.

8. Find support
8. 找到一些支持你的人

Women tend to compete with one another and they usually regard other women as their opponent and it starts from the early childhood. That`s why you may find it difficult to get any support from other women when you`re successful. However, you have family and friends and they can easily help you to stay confident and stay positive even if you`re always judged.