Even if you have a limited budget, you can look as if you make millions and never have any money difficulties. Below we will tell you how to look great, successful and self-sufficient without spending a lot of money.

1. Pay attention to details
1. 注重细节。

Remember: just one cheap detail can destroy your classy look, that's why accessories such as jewelry, watches, glasses, purses and other accessories should be of higher quality since they can also become part of your style and wardrobe.

2. Keep it casual
2. 休闲轻便一点。

It is recommended to have not only classy, but fashionable garments as well. You can instantly upgrade your wardrobe by picking modish jeans or trousers and combining them with an interesting scarf, t-shirt and elegant heels. The most important thing is to look in the mirror and objectively examine yourself. Choose and match colors carefully. Quit saying that you have nothing decent to wear. All you need to look good is a few stylish sweaters.

3. Don't choose clothes with various labels
3. 不要买印有各种图文标志的衣服。

You don't want to be a walking advertisement, right? So avoid all clothing with brand names, various notes, slogans etc. It is considered to be cheap and tasteless among the rich. Besides, it should be noted that there are no logos on the visible parts of clothes manufactured by famous and prestigious brands. This rule applies to handbags and purses, too!

4. Prefer high-class
4. 选择高品质服饰。

You will always look sophisticated if you choose classic clothes and shoes. You can combine black flattering pants or jeans in a straight-leg style with a chic white blouse and pick classical shoes – this is the combination that never goes out of fashion. And the famous little black dress with a few stylish accessories will help you in tricky situations.

5. Pick only first-class shoes
5. 鞋子必须要有档次。

High-quality shoes are important, because they can greatly improve the overall impression. We recommend pure classics – this will allow you to combine clothes that will easily match your shoes. It is better to take a pair of expensive shoes instead of a few pairs of cheaper ones. And don’t forget – dirty shoes is out of the question. Take proper care of them and keep them perfectly clean.

6. Think first, then buy
6. 三思而后买

Spend some thoughts before purchasing an item. Don't waste your money buying low-quality clothes. You will only win if you plan your purchases ahead. Consider your body shape and size. Think what type of clothes look appealing to you. Never buy garments that do not fit well even if you find them fabulous.

7. Quality over quantity
7. 质量永远高于数量

Sometimes women are compulsive and buy a lot of cheap stuff. It's important to realize that it is better to have fewer pieces of higher quality than a heap of cheap useless junk. So, wait till you have saved enough money and buy only high quality clothes. They will serve you longer, as a result, you will spend less.