I just met this guy, he said he really likes me and wants to date me. I told him I don't have any special feeling for him yet, and it is too fast.

He told me it was okay, but never contacted me again. What does this mean?


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Stop looking at men as just some male creature and start respecting them as human beings. To be honest, this guy is really a gentleman. He didn't bother you anymore after you rejected him. If you're interested in him, ask him out confidently. There's zero shame in that. If you believe that he should keep trying despite your arrogant refusals then I'm sorry to say that you're not eligible for him. And I'm even more sorry to say that he must have found some true lady by this time who treats him like a king.


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And get more humiliated by you.


A person can be either selfish or dumb. But when both those attributes are seen in one person I don't know what to say.

You expressed your feelings of not loving him. He respected that and never contacted you again.That's it.

Stop expecting guys to run behind you after you have rejected them.


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It means that he respects you. You told him that you're not interested in him and he took you at your word, which he should. If you've changed your mind and want to go out with him, then invite him out on a date.


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Oh God !

If he would have contacted you again and again and again then you would have posted a question saying

I just met a guy. I told him I am not interested still he keeps poking me and acts like a stalker.what do I do?

You asked him to leave and he left..Why are you posting stupid questions now?

I mean what you expect…he should beg you and ask you to stay with him…

You are a kind of a girl who is never satisfied


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It means he respected your wishes not to bother you. If you want him to pay attention, tell him. Don't make him guess. That's very unfair.