Finger puppets can provide hours of amusement.

But this talented artist has put his digits to even more impressive use by turning them into lifelike recreations of famous faces.The inventive Italian, from Bologna, has produced versions of everyone from Jesus to Colonel Gaddafi and Hitler.

He works under the pseudonym Dito Von Tease, in reference to the burlesque dancer Dita and because 'il dito' means 'the finger'.
他假借迪托·范·提斯这个名字,意指滑稽剧舞蹈家蒂塔,因为“il ditto”的意思是“手指”。

Von Tease said: 'In Italian someone could say I wanted to "hide myself behind my finger [trans: nascondermi dietro un dito]" - it's a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place. I used this metaphor to say we all try to hide ourselves behind an image of us we create. That's my finger, the changing masks everybody wears in playing life... especially famous people.
范·提斯说:“在意大利语中,人们会说‘我想把自己藏在手指后面(意大利语:nascondermi dietro un dito)’,这是一种比喻,指的是不怎么管用的藏身之处。我用这个比喻意在表达,我们都试图尽力把自己隐藏在我们自身塑造的形象后面。也就是我的手指,是每个人……尤其是名人在生活中所戴的不断变换的面具”。

The characters are chosen from daily news and important happenings, historical events, arts, music, television and politics.

Von Tease has even put his finger on the perfect look for fictional characters Spock from Star Trek, Disney's Mickey Mouse and animated monster Shrek.