“Arrow” has revealed another piece of Season 4 casting. Actor Jimmy Akingbola, who’s only other U.S. role was an episode of “Sons of Liberty,” will play Baron Reiter in a series of flashbacks throughout the season. In the comics the character is a supervillain known as Baron Blitzkrieg.

Baron Blitzkrieg was first introduced in 1977 as an adversary to both Wonder Woman and Superman. While it’s unclear if he will be a metahuman on “Arrow,” his comic book counterpart is a former Nazi soldier who can fly and has superhuman strength and heat vision.

The powers were given to him while being experimented on by German scientists during World War II.

Blitzkrieg is also the leader of the crime organization Shadowspire, which works with Vandal Savage’s group known as Symbolix. With Savage serving as the main villain of the upcoming“Legends of Tomorrow” introducing Blitzkrieg offers an opportunity bring him into the fold as well.