Social media addicts in China are putting down their phones, thanks to an adult coloring book that has become popular in the country. The bestseller, “Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book,” has sold 25,000 copies upon its release in China last month.

The coloring book, which was made by Scottish artist Johanna Basford, is now the biggest selling book on .

Most of the fans of the book are young women from the post-'80s generation. It has become a popular way to kill time and de-stress, especially for new moms and young professionals caught up in child rearing and office work.

Due to the popularity of "Secret Garden" and its numerous follow-ups, coloring books are no longer seen as a pastime only to be enjoyed by children.

"This is not designed for children. Children don't have the concentration and patience needed to finish such a book," Wu Lei, who manages an online stationary shop, told China Business News (CBN). True enough, amateur colorists find the intricate patterns and elaborate designs hard, taking about seven to eight hours to finish.

Colorists agree that finishing a page is rewarding.

"By simply filling in the colors, I feel as fulfilled as if I had sculpted the Venus de Milo," said one reviewer.



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