Everyday interactions such as striking up a conversation or taking part in one might not be a piece of cake when English is not your first language. Some people are scared of making mistakes, others don’t feel confident about speaking English because they feel clumsy and awkward. Why sometimes is it so difficult to speak fluently even though we know all the English grammar rules from A to Z?

Could there be a place where you can express yourself just like you do in real life, but without worrying about the way you speak or the mistakes you make. That place is theatre.

The good news is that drama never stops helping us to explore life. Whether we want to work on our self-confidence, self-efficacy in public speaking or to learn a foreign language, drama is one of the best ways to achieve results.

This is the magic of drama and the reason why drama boosts the learning process. When drama meets the field of education, it can transform a traditional lesson into an exciting learning experience.