·         Ankita misses her boyfriend who moved to Europe.

·         Edgar misses his parents now that he’s living in the United States.

·         Yolanda and Juan missed seeing each other when they were apart, but now they’re back together again.

·         Now that you’re married, what do you miss most about being single?

·         I miss the carefree days of my youth.



·         This puzzle is missing a few pieces.

·         The store is missing a few thousand dollars.

·         She’s missing a front tooth.

·         You’re missing an assignment. Where is it?

·         The police are looking for a missing child.(在这个句子中,“missing”是形容词。)



·         Bobby swung at the ball and missed.

·         Sheila tried to throw the cabbage into the garbage, but her aim was bad and she missed. The cabbage fell to the floor.

·         That guy is a terrible basketball player. He always misses the basket.

·         The forward missed the goal.



·         Larissa missed her flight to New York. She’ll have to get on another plane.

·         Charles has been missing a lot of meetings lately.

·         You missed your appointment. You’ll have to reschedule.

·         Try not to miss any more classes.

·         I’m sorry I missed the party. Was it fun?





·         Our teacher is Miss Rickenbacker.(她没结婚,还是单身。)

·         The principal’s name is Mrs. Fender.(她已婚。)

·         Ms. Gibson is a lawyer.(我们不清楚她是否已婚。职业女性通常使用“Ms.”。)