Progress cannot be stopped. We want things to move forward even faster. Our dreams are now expressed through architecture and design. What do most of us dream of?

Space tourism, all-purpose robots, folding cars and many more keep constantly boggling our minds. Architects are capable of creating buildings that are not only practical, but also attractive in their own way. And here are a few examples of such creations:

1. Atomium, Brussels

The Atomium was built in the 1950s and is located in Brussels. The designer’s idea was to create a building that would remind of an iron crystal. The structure is slightly over 100 meters tall and consists of 9 interconnected spheres. Visitors can use the escalators to move from one sphere to another. The top ball has a restaurant inside. The others are rented for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

2. Galaxy Soho Building, Beijing

China is developing. New buildings keep growing. Some of them are genuinely outstanding. Galaxy Soho is surely one of such constructions. It was built using stainless steel, stone, glass, aluminum which makes the building look modern, stylish and very elegant. The building with its snow-white cones connected by wavy bridges and suspended platform has made the city even more popular.

3. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious place in all senses of the word. It wishes to excel in all spheres. The world’s tallest building called Burj Khalifa is also here. The structure is famous for breaking a few other records. The tower is located downtown and has an observation deck. Standing there you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the city and other not less impressive buildings surrounding the tower.

4. Absolute World Towers, Toronto

These two skyscrapers are built in Toronto. They remind of two slightly twisted cans. Both buildings are over 500 feet tall, each consisting of more than 50 floors. The purpose of these structures was not only to make the city more original and unique – the residential condominium is rented by people who want to rent offices and apartments.

5. Spaceport America, New Mexico

It is surprising how much the human race has achieved. No doubt we will soon fly to space as tourists. We already have a spaceport that looks as futuristic as our whole notion of the universe. This is the first commercial spaceport that has launched 12 missions so far. The tenants are the world’s famous spaceflight companies, such as Armadillo Aerospace, UP Aerospace and Virgin Galactic.

6. West 57, New York City

The full address of this building is 625 West 57th Street. It is also called W57 In short. This residential block was still under construction in 2014 and was reported to be completed in 2015. The huge housing project is located in New York.

From the outside the building reminds of a pyramid while inside you can find 600 apartments with balconies providing a wonderful view of the surroundings. Another advantage is that it is built in a comparatively quiet area, where there is not too much traffic and air pollution.