The familiar moustache, the severe side parting - this cat's been dubbed a member of the furred Reich for his chilling similarity to Adolf Hitler.

Owner Elena Suleymanyan, 44, spotted a resemblance when Portos was a kitten, seeing at once the moustache and hairline of the former dictator of Nazi Germany.

But she claims that when she learned the cat had similar characteristics to the totalitarian leader, namely his bad temper, the comparison became spookily real.

The pharmacist from Moscow, said: "Anyone who meets Portos is immediately taken a back by his likeness to Adolf Hitler.

"When he was growing up, people would always ask me if his name is Adolf and whether he wanted to conquer the world."

"Admittedly, Portos can be a real dictator at times, he can be very naughty and demanding, especially around feeding time. "

"I often have to feed him from my hands or from a plate as he can be a bit of a snob and refuses to eat his food from a cat bowl. "

"I can't say I know much about Hitler's character, but Portos definitely thinks very highly of himself. "

"He's a real Aryan as well, as all his ancestors are well-known and very purebred. "

"When his behaviour is bad I always say that it's just the Hitler in him, although I'm very tolerant of him."