When Canadian scientist Christopher Charles discovered six years ago how badly Cambodians were suffering from anemia, he decided to try and solve the problem. Unfortunately, tried-and-tested methods such as iron supplements and iron-rich diets didn’t work because they weren’t affordable. So he came up with the novel idea of using a small iron fish as a cooking ingredient!

The people Charles was working with were the poorest of the poor, and couldn’t afford red meat or expensive iron pills. The women couldn’t even switch to iron pots because they were too heavy and costly. “Here I was in a village with no running water, no electricity and no way to use my computer — it was like a (research) baptism by fire,” Charles recalled.

But inspiration struck eventually, and he decided that the best way cure anemia was to literally add iron to the food. “We knew some random piece of ugly metal wouldn’t work . . . so we had to come up with an attractive idea,” Charles said. Along with his research team, he came up with small, circular chunk of iron, but the women were hesitant to add it to their pots. They changed the prototype to a lotus shape, but the women didn’t like that either. So Charles dug deeper into Cambodian history and culture, and decided upon a piece of iron shaped like a fish – a symbol of good luck in Cambodia. And it worked! Women were more than happy to add it to their cooking pots and follow Charles’ instructions.

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anemia n.贫血;贫血症。希腊前缀an-表否定,理解做withoutor lacking即可,后边词根是元音首音时写作an-,再如anarchy无政府状态=an+archy,without a government和anorexia厌食,orex表desire,后缀-ia表a bad condition。在辅音前是a-,如amnesia健忘症,mnes=memory记忆。

“Boil up water or soup with the iron fish for at least 10 minutes,” he explained. “That enhances the iron which leaches from it. You can then take it out. Now add a little lemon juice which is important for the absorption of iron.”

The fish, when used in the right way, are designed to provide up to 75 percent of an adult’s daily iron requirement, and even more for a child. Studies revealed that within 12 months, several hundreds of villagers were cured of anemia. Approximately 2,500 families are currently using the fish, which are also being distributed to hospitals and nonprofit organisations across the country.

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design n.&v.设计。sign最初指的是在树上(或石头)刻上的标记,为的是后边的人有迹可循。所以你可以根据sign和signal决定下一步,signature就是刻下的你的名字,design就是to mark out a sign即做标记,而非常值得做标记的那就是significant。那现在明白地上画个圈指定降落伞落在那里就是designate指定(标记)了。