“An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” – Loki reminds us that effective leaders recognize things they can control vs. things they cannot.
要有自知之明:“靴子和蚂蚁没有瓜葛。”(蚂蚁暗指人类,靴子指天神,说的是人类的渺小) - 洛基提醒我们,有效力的领导者能认识到自己的可控因素和不可控因素。

“War isn’t won by sentiment. It’s won by soldiers.” – Al Capone once said, “You can get farther with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone.”
带上枪与玫瑰:“战争不能感情用事,是战士们的献血换来的。”- 阿尔·卡彭曾经说过,“ 你带着一把枪和一张嘴比你只带着一张嘴要走得远”

“Looks like Earth might need something a little old-fashioned.” – When trying times come, a return to the fundamentals is often the best course of action.
回归传统:“看来地球可能需要一些传统的东西。” - 在艰难时期来临时,回归到根本往往是最佳行动方案。

“We need a plan of attack.” – Rogers  “I have a plan – ATTACK!” responds Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr.  Leaders are people of action and make things happen.
要制定计划:“我们需要进攻计划。” - 罗杰斯“我有一个计划- 进攻!”回应了小罗伯特·唐尼扮演的托尼·斯塔克。领导者是实干者,并推动事情发生。

“We’re (not) a team…We’re a time bomb.” – Leaders understand that chemistry is just as important as competence.
外力和人力都很重要:“我们(不是)一个团队......我们是一颗定时炸弹。” - 领导人明白,人与人之间的化学反应和个人能力都很重要。

“You people are so petty…and tiny.” – Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, reminds leaders that they are rendered small when they act petty.
单靠领导者一个人的能力毕竟有限:“人类如此渺小......微小。” - 克里斯斯沃思扮演雷神,提醒领导要清楚自己的能力有限。

Skill To Task – Because of his military background, Captain America handles all logistics and assignments when the climatic battle with alien forces takes place in New York City.  When operating in a team environment, always assign tasks based upon skill.
按个人技能分配工作任务- 因美国队长有军事背景,所以在纽约与外星人打气候战时委以处理一切后勤任务。在团队环境中工作,要始终坚持按技能分配任务的原则。

The Value Of A Team – No single Avenger could have stopped Loki and his army.  However, collectively they were able to achieve their objective.
团队价值- 势单力孤的复仇者可能无法阻止洛基和他的军队,不过,在集体的力量下还是实现了自己的目标。


Humor – Near the end of the movie, The Hulk twice did something absolutely hysterical. There are very few things leaders can do to endear themselves to others more than use humor。
领导者要有幽默感- 影片接近结尾处,绿巨人两次歇斯底里发了飙。领导者要让自己变得受众人喜爱,没有比幽默更好的方法了。

Leadership Is Earned – People follow accomplishment.  The NYPD did not want to follow Captain America’s instructions until he easily dismantled four aliens.  Then they quickly carried out his plans.

Opportunities Are Often Disguised As Problems – The use of a nuclear bomb by Iron Man, which had the potential for massive damage, was used for good. Great leaders see great opportunity where others see a lack of options.
机会往往伪装成麻烦呈现在你面前- 钢铁侠利用具有大规模破坏的威力的核弹是出于好的目的。伟大的领导者抓住了巨大的机遇,而别人只觉得无路可走。