Last week, website How Old - which claimed to automatically detect your age from a photo - went viral with millions of intrigued users rushing to test it out.

And now, keen to jump on the face recognition technology, a new app claiming to tell a guy how manly he is has launched.
而今,趁着脸部识别技术正热,一款声称可以告诉你男人们是否有男人味的新应用已经发布了。 claims to determine 'how dude' a man is.

The software also provides you with a one liner describing the man in the snap.

FEMAIL put One Direction's heartthrob, Harry Styles, to the test and he received a 66 per cent dude rating and was dubbed 'Captain Fun'.

George Clooney, got a 77 per cent dude rating and the one-liner 'Boy's Got Game', whilst British actor Eddie Redmayne, (right,) well know for his acting talents, apparently has 'skills'.

All you have to do is upload a snap of yourself or someone else to the '#HowDudeRobot' and it tells you what percentage 'dude' you are.

The software also provides you with a one liner describing the picture in question, such as #HandsomeRedefined, #Mysterious and SelfMadeMan.

We put the website to the test with the help of a few famous faces volunteers - and the results were rather insightful.

Most of the men scored above 50 per cent - with one man even being rated 99 per cent dude.

David Beckham is apparently 64 per cent 'dude' and a 'glass half full' kind of guy, whilst Bradley Cooper, who was recently dating Suki Waterhouse believes in love, if the app's analysis is anything to go by.