Flipped by the bird: Tiger ends up on its back after trying to leap up and catch feathered prey that had landed in its zoo enclosure.

This is the incredible moment a tiger was sent crashing to the floor after mistiming an attack on a fleet-footed bird.

The ferocious feline was chasing what was sure to be dinner when it slipped on the icy surface and lost its footing.

As the tiger raced towards the bird, it flew directly upwards forcing the mammal to try and stop dead in its tracks.

The hilarious moment took place at the Hengdaohezi Siberian Tiger Park in Northeast China and was captured by photographer Libby Zhang.

Libby, from Houston in Texas, was visiting the park and photographing the tigers' feeding session.

She said: ‘The crowd burst out in a roar of laughter - it was during feeding time and several chickens were tossed at the tigers.’

One tiger tried to reach it but he lost his balance on the slippery icy and fell backwards.

‘I was surprised to see the tiger slip and raised my camera in a hurry with rapid fires on the trigger.’

‘I wanted to capture the beauty and power of tigers in the same image, but this tiger slip series was a total surprise and added bonus for my trip.’