Russian President Vladimir Putin earned about $151,000 (£100,000) in 2014, less than many others in the presidential administration, according to details of his income declaration published by the Kremlin.

易词解词(BY 稻草人)


n. 校长;总统;总裁;董事长

president一词来由动词preside‘主持,指挥’加后缀-ent构成,字面意思是【the presiding one】。英语中-ent后缀的词汇基本都源自拉丁语的动词现在分词,对应为英语动词进行时V-ing,这种现在分词一般作为名词使用,对应为the V-ing one。比如studentthe studying one】、agentthe acting one】、patientthe suffering one】、presidentthe presiding one】。

Putin's wealth has long been the focus of speculation by opponents who portray him as one of the richest men in the world.

Putin declared ownership of three Russian cars, a trailer, some land, an apartment and a garage. His earnings of 7.65 million roubles compared to about 3.6 million roubles in 2013, which was around $100,000 at the exchange rate a year ago.

易词解词(by 稻草人语)


n. 物主身份;所有权;所有制;所有


后缀-ship名词 含义 基础名词 含义
relationship 关系 relation 相关
membership 会员资格 member 会员
leadership 领导才能 leader 领导
partnership 合伙人身份 partner 合伙人
championship 冠军身份 champion 冠军
ownership 物主身份 owner 物主
friendship 友谊 friend 朋友
worship 尊敬,崇拜 worth 价值
sponsorship 赞助行为 sponsor 赞助者
scholarship 奖学金 scholar 学者
citizenship 公民身份 citizen 公民
lordship 主权 lord 主人
fellowship 交情 fellow 同伴
censorship 审察员的职权 censor 审察员
hardship 艰难情况 hard 艰难
kinship 亲属关系 kin 亲属
apprenticeship 学徒身份 apprentice 学徒
dictatorship 独裁权 dictator 独裁者
chairmanship 主席身份 chairman 主席
township 镇区 town 镇子
courtship 求偶(现象) court 求偶
premiership 首相职位 premier 首相
companionship 伙伴关系 companion 伙伴

The Kremlin did not say how much of the 2014 income was made up by Putin's salary, which is not public knowledge, but was raised a year ago. His income declaration has in the past included a KGB pension and interest from bank deposits.

Putin earned much less last year than Barack Obama, who was paid $400,000 for his position as U.S. president and had additional income from book sales.

Kremlin critics ridicule the income declarations of top Russian officials, saying their real earnings are much higher.

Last year, Transparency International ranked Russia as 136th out of 175 countries on in its Corruption Perceptions Index, indicating a high level of corruption.

A report by two opposition figures in 2012 said the perks of being president in Russia included having access to yachts, palaces and aircraft.

The average nominal salary in Russia was 36,620 roubles in February, according to the state statistics agency.

Putin has ordered a temporary 10 percent pay cut for himself, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other state officials because of an economic downturn, worsened by a fall in oil prices and Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.