Money idioms are everywhere and apply to so much more than just money! So get your cold hard cash ready as we dive into some money idioms!

1. Break the bank – to use up all of your money
1. 倾家荡产

Example: John knew that renting the ocean view apartment would break the bank, so he settled for a smaller apartment.

2. Bring home the bacon – to earn money for a family
2. 赚钱,养家糊口

Example: His wife chooses not to work, so Robert has to bring home the bacon.

3. Cash in on (something) – to make money from an opportunity
3. 大赚一笔

Example: The former athlete cashed in on his popularity to open a nightclub in his name.

4. Give (someone) a blank check – to let someone do whatever they want (as if the amount on the check were left blank)
4. 让某人自由的按自己想法行事

Example: The professor gave the students a blank check with the only requirement being that they turn in their project on time.

5. Turn on a dime – to make a turn in a very small area
5. 转硬币决定,事情很快会有变化

Example: The car handles very well and can turn on a dime.

6. Bet your bottom dollar – to bet all that you have because you are certain you will win
6. 孤注一掷,把底金压上

Example: I would bet my bottom dollar that Rachel will show up late again today.

7. Look like a million dollars – to look very good
7. 满面春风,显得容光焕发

Example: As she stepped out in her wedding dress, she looked like a million dollars.

8. Pinch pennies – to be very careful with money, to be thrifty
8. 精打细算

Example: My grandfather always pinches pennies; he never spends money if he doesn’t have to.

9. Put in your two cents – to give your opinion about something
9. 发表意见

Example: You can put in your two cents after I am finished going over all the facts.

10. For peanuts – for very little or no pay
10. 赚不了几个小钱儿

Example: The students had very little money, so they were willing to work for peanuts.

Are there more money idioms that you hear regularly? Share with us!