Students love to learn English idioms, I think, because it is an advanced form of the language and if you can use an idiom correctly then it can make you feel like 'an insider' and more like a native English speaker.So, for this article, have a look at some amazing street art photos below. I have added an idiomatic phrase to each picture for you 'to learn English without really studying'.
童鞋们爱好学习英语习语,我想可能是因为习语是语言的更高级形式,而且一旦你学会了正确使用习惯用语你会感到自己是内部人(熟悉内情者),让自己更像一个母语使用者。所以,本篇文章大家可以看看下面这些酷酷的街拍 艺术照片。我在每幅照片下都加了一个相关习语,大家看图学英语,毫无压力感。

1. It's like learning to ride a bike.
1. 像学骑自行车一样简单。

Something that is easy to learn and you will never forget how to do it. Ever!

2. It's not my cup of tea.
2. 这不是我的菜。

Something that I don't like very much.

3. I'll love you and leave you.
3. 我爱你,但我得走了。

I have to go now.

4. You can thank your lucky stars.
4. 你真走运!

You should be very thankful because you were VERY lucky with something.

5. Sweep it under the carpet.
5. 把问题藏在地毯下面。

Try to forget something bad that happened. (usually by not talking about it)

6. Use the force.
6. 发挥你的力量。

This is not a classic idiom that you will find in an English textbook, but a LOT of people say it. It is the famous line from the Star Wars films. When people say this to each other in real life, it kind of means "Use some different kind of magic power (that does not exist) to be able to do something that is difficult."

This picture is a play on words, because in the UK the full name for the police is 'the police force'.
这张图有点文字游戏的感觉,因为在英国警察的全称是'the police force'.