Police in Northern Ireland have apologised to a couple for mistakenly arresting them moments before their wedding ceremony was due to begin. The Irish groom, his Chinese bride and their guests were detained on suspicion that the marriage was fictitious for immigration purposes. Here’s our Northern Ireland reporter Andy Martin.

北爱尔兰警方在一对夫妇结婚仪式开始几分钟之前错误地将他们逮捕,现在向他们道歉。这位爱尔兰新郎,他的中国新娘以及他们的宾客全部被拘留,原因是他们怀疑这次虚假婚姻的目的是移民。我们的北爱尔兰记者Andy Martin报道。

The groom knew immediately that something was wrong when the registrar at Derry’s Guildhall unexpectedly claimed that there was unfinished paperwork just before the ceremony began. He and his fiancee were led into an adjoining room and arrested by detectives. They were taken to a nearby police station, locked in separate cells and dressed in paper forensic overalls. Although the police have apologised, that’s not enough for Mr McElwee. The couple were married 24 hours later, but say the magic had already been taken out of their big day.



1. reel vi. 眩晕;震颤
例句:Her mind reeled when she learned her son had been abducted.

2. chaotic adj. 混沌的;一片混乱的;一团糟的
例句:The traffic in the city was chaotic.

3. ruin vt. 破坏, 毁掉
例句:The storm ruined our wheat.

4. blast n. 爆炸
例句:Police said that the blast occurred at 9 a.m.

5. verify vt. 证实, 核实
例句:All those facts verified his innocence.

6. loot v. 抢劫, 掠夺
例句:The mob looted many shops in the area.

7. reprisal n. 报复(行为)
例句:They took bloody reprisals against the leaders.

8. release vt. 发布; 发行; 发售
例句:When is the best moment to release the date of the election to the newspapers?

9. underground adj. 地下组织的, 秘密的
例句:The spy never told his family about his underground activities.

10. fictitious adj. 假的, 虚构的, 编造的, 假设的, 假装的
例句:They bought the materials under fictitious names.

11. registrar n. 主管注册者;记录者;登记员;注册主任
例句:The manager fired a young registrar.

12. adjoining adj. 毗连的,邻近的
例句:They stayed in adjoining rooms.