Issue题库在经过三次修订之后,目前确定为244个题目。这些题目涉及社会,文化,科技,历史,政治,艺术,教育,法律,伦理等诸多方面。不同类型的题目有较大的差别,但是在同一类型的题目中却包含了许多命题的方向非常接近的题目,比如说:第46题:"While some leaders in government, sports, industry, and other areas attribute their success to a well-developed sense of competition, a society can better prepare its young people for leadership by instilling in them a sense of cooperation."和第194题"The best preparation for life or a career is not learning to be competitive, but learning to be cooperative."都是说竞争意识与合作意识对于社会或个人的利弊;再有第54题:"History teaches us only one thing: knowing about the past cannot help people to make important decisions today." 第103题"The study of history has value only to the extent that it is relevant to our daily lives."和第221题:"The chief benefit of the study of history is to break down the illusion that people in one period of time are significantly different from people who lived at any other time in history."都是讨论“研究历史的价值”。