naturally, as a result, consequently, not surprisingly, quite understandably, predictably, presumably

contribute to, result in , the result can be identified in…, ascribe … to ..,

attribute … to…, derive from.., spring from, arise from


in addition to that, besides, apart from, let alone, not to mention, quite conscious of, moreover

C 并列

Coupled with, combined with, going hand in hand with,integrated with…, entwined with..


It is, however, nevertheless, in spite of , regardless of, unaware of,for all that …, heedless不在意的 of .., nonetheless



We, everyone: any reasonable/sensitive soul/mind, talented minds, elite minds, versatile minds, personality, figures, celebrity, idiots, philosophic minds, genius

More and more: increasingly number of …..

Big: enormous, tremendous, gigantic, titanic, astronomical, vast, boundless

Very: extremely, overwhelmingly, undeniably无可否认地, remarkably, voluminously庞大地, excessively, exceedingly, tangibly, impressively, shockingly

Famous: renowned, celebrated, accomplished, distinguished, prominent, eminent, outstanding, preeminent

Good: spectacular, amazing, unbelievable, incredible, magnificent, adorable, fantastic, fascinating, admirable, respectable, charitable, adorable, awesome, terrific, majestic

Bad: nightmarish, disgusting, despicable可鄙的, monstrous, appalling, abhorring, repelling, repulsive

Important: significant, essential, basic, fundamental, indispensable, crucial, critical, decisive, determinant, dominant, predominant, infallible

Say, Believe,think: suppose, hold, claim, maintain, presume, assume, contend, argue, declare, I am convinced, conclude

Improve, better: further, promote, enhance, reinforce, strengthen, consolidate, cement巩固, nurture, relieve, recover

Everyone knows: it’s a truth universally acknowledged that,

It can never be denied, it is undeniable that

It goes without saying that

It is self evident that

It is highly advisably, imperative, remarkable that

It comforts one to know that…

F 顶尖副词:

Excessively, unbelievably, shockingly, reasonably, logically, tremendously, remarkably, noticeably, tangibly, perceptibly, hopefully, incredibly, amazingly, fundamentally, excessively, extremely, overwhelmingly, sharply, dramatically, drastically, justifiably, convincingly, ignorantly, fantastically, hardly, barely, sparsely, surprisingly, unexpectedly

G. 列举事例段落常见的开头语:

The case/ story of XXX stands as an undisputed confirmation of …..that…

XXX remains a solid evidence of ….

Adding further credibility/plausibility to the argument is the story of XXX

My conviction stands on the following three…