Stalk her? How about marry her?! Dylan McDermott and his Stalkerco-star Maggie Q are engaged, The New York Post reports.
跟踪她?不如娶了她?!《纽约邮报》报道,Dylan McDermott和他的《跟踪者》女主角Maggie Q订婚了。

According to sources, the couple were dating a few months before Q debuted an engagement ring Sunday at Golden Globes after-parties.
据知情人透露,在Maggie Q在周日的金球奖party上秀订婚戒指的前几个月,他们就已经在一起了。

This would be the first marriage for Q and the second for McDermott, who was married for 13 years to Shiva Rose, with whom he has two children.
这将会是Maggie Q的第一段婚姻,是McDermott的第二段婚姻,第一段婚姻McDermott和Shiva Rose有过一段13年的婚姻,两人还生了2个孩子。

E-mails to both stars' reps were not immediately returned.