The best way to deal with rude strangers at the airport is to set an example for others. This includes educating yourself on the do’s and don’ts. But quite frankly, the problem is that you just don’t know what to do until you see the don’ts.

The airport is a terrible place to be during the holidays. Many things are beyond our control, like flight delays, but a lot of it is, like whether we decide to fight over reclined seats.

Be ready for the security line before the conveyor belt. You know that you’re going to have to pull out your liquids and take off your shoes if you’re not in Pre, so why not start removing your coat and things when there are only one to two people ahead of you before it’s your turn? This is the reason why I always pack my liquids and laptops in an extremely accessible spot.

易词解词(by 丁朝阳老师)

conveyor [kən'veɪə] n. 传送机
 {convey + -or表施动者}
convey [kən'veɪ] vt. 传达;运输
 {con- < com-共同 + -vey, way 道路} 源自拉丁文“同 (走) 路”的意思。与way同源。

Don’t take your belongings and put them back on immediately. Take your belongings, move to the end of the conveyor belt and get out of people’s way so they can grab their bag. It’s courteous to move to a bench or to a spot away from the horde of people to reassemble your gear/clothes before you move onto the gate.

Luggage does not belong on seats, especially at the gate. Luggage do not have derrieres, human beings do. It’s even worse when others can’t sit because of it!

Please refrain from lining up until the gate agent makes an announcement to do so. Everyone has been trained like cattle to line up in this day and age to fight for overhead bin space but, really, there’s no reason to do it, like, an hour before boarding. It’s designed to be a civilized process so be respectful of the line.

Respect thy overhead bin. Don’t take up huge amounts of overhead storage space with coats strewn about. Leave space for others. At the same time, please also don’t take it upon yourself to move everyone’s stuff around…. how would it feel if someone moved your bags all over the place?

Spare the flight attendants and don’t hit the call button repetitively. Flight attendants have a hard job so if you want to do them a favor, you can go back to galley to ask for your water and whatever else you need if you need something frequently from them. Exceptions apply if you’re trapped by the window seat.

Keep the personal hygiene at home. On the plane is not the time to start clipping nails or taking off your socks and putting bare feet around people who can’t escape it.

易词解词(by 丁朝阳老师)

hygiene ['haɪdʒiːn] n. 卫生 {源自希腊语 hygieine, healthful 有益健康的 hygie-, health + -ine ~的,与~有关的 }
Hygeia [hai'dʒi:ə] n. 许革亚,希腊神话中司健康的女神

Realize the power of the window seat. With great power comes great responsibility. You’re absolutely permitted to get up, walk down the aisle and use the bathroom. But please realize you’re inconveniencing the aisle and middle seat each time you do this, so make the most of your time on foot.

Special rules also apply to deplaning. There’s no way you’re going to get your baggage before the person in the aisle or middle (and please don’t expect to). If you’re asking for it anyway while everyone is still getting their stuff, you’re just being rude. Getting your bags .5345 seconds before does not actually mean you will get to deplane .5345 seconds earlier than everyone else.

If there’s a free seat, it’s possibly common space. That means if the middle is empty, you should ask the person in the aisle/window if it’s okay to stow your bag underneath the empty seat or use that seat’s tray table and leave some space for the other person.

Smelly food is just not OK. Nor is anything odorous for that matter either, like nail polish.

Drink if you want but please hold your liquor. Unfortunately, some people have been there and done that. The nice thing is that once you do it one time, you never do it again.

It’s great to enjoying that movie but it’s a little unnerving for the rest of the plane to hear hysterical laughter when it’s lights out time. Or never give that conversation a rest. Public transportation rules apply here: minimize the chitchat and maximize the quiet time before 10 am and after 10 pm. In all cases you must use headphones.
飞机上可以看电视,但是如果已经熄灯了,你还一个人笑出声是很让人很烦的。或者没完没了的聊天也很招人烦。如果 聊天请尽量小声,并在晚10点到早10点期间尽量保持安静。最好随时使用耳机,不用扬声器。

易词解词(by 丁朝阳老师)

hysterical [hɪ'sterɪk(ə)l] adj. 歇斯底里的;异常兴奋的
 {hyster- + -ical (= -ic + -al) ~的,与~有关的 }
hysteria [hɪ'stɪərɪə] n. 癔病,歇斯底里;不正常的兴奋
 {hyster-, womb子宫 + -ia表疾病 } 源自希腊文“子宫”的意思,被视为子宫的疾病,因为妇女更为神经质,以前认为这种病是妇女特有。同源于uterus (子宫)。

Let people that have tight connections deplane first. It always seems like a race to who can get off the plane first but the truth is if this is your final destination, you have more time than other people who are connecting at the airport. Delays only exacerbate that.