Volunteers Wanted

May 25, 2015

To improve your summer break language study and enrich your high school life, our university will host for you a summer camp lasting from July 10 to 20 in Shanghai, and we will recruit 40 volunteers to participate.

In the first four days, an in-depth city tour is planned to give you an overall grasp of Shanghai, a cosmopolis boosting splendid culture and enormous economic growth. In the following days, there will be interesting communication activities inviting some overseas high-school students, with whom you may build impressive friendship. Finally, a gorgeous light show and an enjoyable farewell party is to be held at the Bund known as the name card of Shanghai. We believe that this summer camp must leave you an unforgettable fantastic memory.

Students who are interested in taking part may send application letters to us via abc123@ before June 10, 2015. Whoever is interested in the summer camp will be warmly welcomed!

XXX University