Forget the weird but catchy music videos such as ‘What does the fox say’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ – a new tune has gone viral but you’ll have to sit down before you watch it.

The trick is figuring out exactly how to make something go viral – but if you can’t choose between people dressed in chicken costumes and cartoon chickens – just use both!

Chinese pop singer Wang Rong Rollin, from China, recently released an official pop music video titled 'Chick Chick' but the bizarre clip has left everyone feeling confused.

In the video, the singer dressed in a colourful ball gown with a 70’s hairdo, uses a fairy wand to make a group of female dancers, dressed in Vegas-style showgirl costumes appear.

But they start dancing and flapping their arms like clucking chickens and as the chorus starts, the language of the lyrics sound mostly like barnyard noises as they squawk.

It is reported that the lyrics are mostly made up of weird and bizarre poultry sounds.

While the music is playing, there are animated chickens dressed in bikinis as they flap their wings in other scenes or even in the background behind real dancers and the singer.

It does lack Gangnam Style’s catchy and imitable dance moves, but in its place are the silliest costumes and the chicken dance.

There are also topless men wearing silver shorts, socks and shoes, as well as farm animal masks over their heads as they are seen dancing in the clip as well.

The video was posted onto YouTube on October 22 by user Mainland China CPOP MV 2 and has received over 3.7 million views and a significant amount of mix responses.

Virgil R Garwood posted: ‘I'm laughing harder at the lyrics. Phonetic languages are awesome. Thank you rolling wong for teaching me that Old McDonald's farm looks awesome in Chinese.’
网友Virgil R Garwood:“我快被歌词笑死了。这种语音文字简直太棒了。谢谢王蓉让我知道,原来老式的麦当劳农场用中文唱出来原来这么酷。”

Erin von Foerster wrote: ‘When you wake up to go to work, feeling under paid and unappreciated, try not to think about people getting paid to make insane crap like this for a living. ’
网友Erin von Foerster:“当你早起去工作,感到工资少、不被重视的时候,不要忘了还有一群人以制造这种神经无聊的垃圾为生。”

Alvin Johnson wrote: 'I actually love it.. There's so many wtf in this video I'm too stunned to handle'
网友Alvin Johnson:“说实话,我真的很喜欢。这mv里有太多的让人‘卧槽这是啥’的地方,我真是惊呆了,完全不知所措了。”

Deon Urist wrote: 'We are not hating, we are just stunned by the video and its deep meaning.'
网友Deon Urist:“我们并不讨厌它,只是这支mv以及它包含的深层含义…真心给跪了。”