Benedict – who was shot by photographer Mark Horn for ELLE UK – is currently in a relationship with Sophie Hunter but he admits the dating game has become more complicated since he became famous. The British actor plays the lead in the hit BBC drama but, tragically for all the infatuated women (and men) out there, the detective resolutely refuses to let sex distract from his investigations. And there are a few more quotes from the Elle piece:

Sherlock’s sexuality: “He’s asexual for a purpose. Not because he doesn’t have a sex drive, but because it’s suppressed to do his work. Cold showers, looking at a lot of dead bodies… that’ll do it for you.”

On playing geniuses in both The Imitation Game and Sherlock: “It [genius] is a very rich canvas to work with as an actor. Turing is so different to Sherlock. There’s a real subtlety about him; his flourishes aren’t flamboyant, he doesn’t think of himself that highly.”

"I don’t know why Bendy keeps getting asked to compare and contrast Alan Turing and Sherlock Holmes. It seems like a very tired line of questioning. But I could listen to him talk about Sherlock’s sexuality all day long."

The future: “I can imagine I’ll look back at this point in my life and think, ‘Wow that was really extraordinary’. But at the same time I hope I’m looking back and going, ‘Oh, that was the moment I got on with life and realized things beyond myself’. Without using words like ‘marriage’, ‘children’ and ‘family’ – although I have just used those words – put it this way: I hope I’ve got other people to look back with me at that point. I hope I’m surrounded by family.”
关于未来:“我能想到,当我会回忆此刻的生活的场景,我会这样想,‘嗯,那时我干的不错!’ 但同时,我也希望我会回忆着此刻的生活,想到‘正是在那个时候,我翻开了人生的新一页,意识到我对生活赋有的责任”。我不会谈到“结婚”、“孩子”、“家人”等等——虽然我刚才就用了这些词——这么说吧:‘我希望到那个时候,有人可以和我一起回忆往事。我希望家人会陪在我的身边。”